Better late then never

Finally cockfights are illegal in ALL of the United States…Louisiana finally joined humanity. Breeder Chris Daughdrill says ““The culture, the custom of the Cajun people, it’s gone. It’s another one of the rights that big government has taken away from the people.” He’s kidding…right? Slavery used to be part of Louisiana, let’s bring back that “culture”. Why do people bring up the past history of somethings as always a good thing…obviously it’s not, some customs stink. What does Mr. Daughdrill exactly mean about it being a right of a person being taken away…of course normal people ask “what about the animal’s rights”. Is this a human right –

The fights between specially trained roosters are held in large arenas or in backyards. The birds are fitted with sharp metal blades or curved spikes on their legs, and instinctively attack each other. The match can last over an hour, with one or both animals dead or maimed.

As the article states and we all know, it will and still is being done illegally. What kind of person would enjoy watching this, that is my question?

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