A blast from the past!

A blast from the past!

For many years now I have wished everyone was born bald, and stayed that way. Hair is such a time consuming production. I was reading my Glamour magazine this week and thought this issue would be half the size if baldness was in. Pages full of everything from how to cut, trim, color, style, curl, straighten, blow-dry, thicken, soften, defrizz, clean, condition, highlight. Back when I was a kid you would walk into your local supermarket and they had a few shampoos and conditioners to choose from, remember Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific and if you were daring you would squeeze a lemon in your hair before you went in the sun for some highlights. Now they actually have stores just for hair products, I sometimes get anxiety when I start roaming the store. When I ask for help the salesperson will tell me “you may want to buy this product and that product and then mix them together to get this result”. You have got to be kidding me, in this HUGE store they don’t have that product already mixed??$100 dollars later and my hair still with some frizz I put on my baseball cap. And don’t get me started on trying to find a hair stylist that listens…what exactly about “take an inch off the ends” did you not understand?

My boyfriend looks great after I shave his head, one more way men have it easier. And no need for any comments how I can shave my head too, it’s just not that easy for women. See, if we just all stayed bald from birth, no one would ever know the difference.



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  1. I was chatting with some young women yesterday and they were talking about how it costs them $150-200 every five weeks to get their hair cut and semi-colored. I can’t even imagine spending that type of money on getting my hair done. Fortunately, I am a male so I can get away with spending a lot less, but I know a fair share of guys who fork over some good cash to get their hair cut and colored.

    In the end, it is a part of the capitalist machine! The more we need to do with our hair…or rather the more WE THINK we need to do with our hair, the more money we spend.

  2. hair is so fascinating and beautiful. and the abundance of hair products to choose from is so exciting! i guess i spend a lot of time, effort and money on my hair, but for me i think its worth it. hair is also a great way to express yourself. with all the different hair products and accesories out there you can find a different hairstyle everyday!

  3. My hair has been a thorn in my side since birth. I have this toxic combination of thick, coarse and curly…so of course I wanted thin and straight. Well…..thanks to the new chemically straightening process that I spend hundreds of dollars a year on…I can finally get some satisfacation. But if we could only join hands and take an oath to shave our heads together in unity. I too would forever be at peace.

    PS. I used to buy that shampoo “Long and Silky” thinking it would really work.

  4. Please 70’s…my hair has been a thorn in my side since birth. I have thin and straight hair. Thanks to an expensive shampoo called Nioxin I have some satisfaction. I will join hands and take the oath.
    PS I used to buy a hair spray called Big Sexy Hair thinking it would work.

  5. OH MY GOD!!!!!! HAIR?????? I use to perm my perfectly waved hair in the 80’s just to have bigger hair.. To Kim, Gina, Arlene, etc: except Monti…..How Big was our hair????? How much did we hate our hair????? We got through it and some of us still hate our hair…..Kim, remember Uh oh uh oh……Check your hair out on that night>>>>

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