Milli Vanilli meets the Olympics

Imagine being 7 years old and being told you’re not cute enough to be on TV but can we use your voice. China did actually switch the little girl who sang at the opening ceremony at the Olympics. Chen, the musical director states “”We had to make that choice. It was fair both for Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi, We combined the perfect voice and the perfect performance.” Sounds like Chen had just watched the movie Stepford Wives…a so called perfect society! And no Chen, the audience will NOT understand that it’s in the national interest. Then Mr. Xinyi who works in marketing states “I can understand why they picked the prettier girl, they need to maintain a certain aesthetic beauty during the opening ceremonies”. We are not talking about Quasi Modo here people…she’s a normal 7 year old girl with some crooked teeth.

I also heard they had computer generated fireworks, I loved this quote from Xiao Qiang, director of the China Internet Project – “People feel like they eat a great meal and later on you tell them there was a fly on it.

And what’s this I hear about China’s girl’s gymnastics team being younger then 16. There has to be some USA controversy out there but I haven’t heard or read anything yet…anyone have any or are we showing true sportsmanship.

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  1. Well the fireworks thing is not a big deal, they were really there but the camera did not pick them up. Even if that is a lie, it does not really matter.

    As far as underaged performers go, I watched them and some of those girls do look very young. About a month ago there were objections to them competing because they are underage, and still people object to it, unfortunately they cannot prove they are underage. China provide proof they are 16 by showing their passport which shows they are all at least 16, yet since they are the ones making the passports I doubt they are legit, but like I said, there is no way to prove it.

    And when I first read about switching out the girl I was amazed. It is really sad that even seven year olds girls have to live up to a standard of beauty.

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