Clothes can make the man

Rumor has it that menswear sales began outpacing womenswear last year. Fashion observers say “the main catalyst fueling menswear buying is the slimmed-down styles shown on the runways a few years ago and have recently garnered mass appeal”. I am tired of the baggy look; it’s nice to see some form fitting styles on men (although now they may not get away with that beer belly). Some men are saying that updating their wardrobe is helping them to land better jobs in this time of recession. The best part of this story is that some major brands like Nautica, Levi’s Dockers are changing…NO PLEATS! Finally jackets have higher arm holes with narrower sleeves. Men like when women wear form fitting clothes so give us the same consideration. Now if we can just get rid of those low pants that guys wear that barely stay on them with half their butt hanging out. I actually saw a guy that had to hold is pants up with one hand because he was wearing them so low…how asanine is that.


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  1. It’s nice to see this change. It sounds like European style has finally made its way stateside. It always takes a very long time, but the time has come.

    Additionally, now that we’ve had the metrosexual movement, which has died down, I think it has allowed your everyday guy to take on some of those “metrosexual” styles without having to be a “metrosexual” and carry the stigmas associated with that.

    Lastly, there is such a craze for this “gym” body that having fitting clothes accentuates this look. Society has created these visual ideas of the perfect body, and now men actually care and have fallen into the same trap that women have always had to deal with.

    Im waiting for the day when a men’s small is actually small enough to fit a small framed male! One day!

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