And the VP is…

VP Home

VP Home

I remember when I was a kid I watched soap opera’s loving the “can’t wait until tomorrow to see what happens”. Then I got aggravated, they kept me hanging too long, it seemed like the carrot was being dangled in front of my nose for eons and I lost interest. I don’t like things to be dragged out for eternity and that’s how I’m feeling about the VP selection. I used to be curious but honestly now I’m like “just freaking pick one”! They say Barack is going to wait until the last possible minute for the announcement and that McCain has to wait for the perfect timing after Barack; it’s this whole game. McCain’s advisor says “If they go first, you have more information”. Aren’t they picking someone they think will do a good job…shouldn’t it be that easy? Some websites are giving us clues…is it Miss Scarlett or Professor Plum? Or you can sign up to receive a text be the first to know…I think I can wait an hour or two to find out what man he chose. Unless it’s Hillary, I just don’t care.




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  1. The Vice President’s only job is to get the President elected.

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