Like the corners of my mind…

So yesterday I pop in the CD The Jazz Singer…I had the album years ago but I haven’t listened to it in probably 20 or more years. Low and behold the words poured from my mouth…I was amazed how I remembered most of them. I just think the memory is an odd thing. To this day I still have to ask which screwdriver is which but then again, I don’t really care about screwdrivers so maybe that is the reason. If there were only 2 kinds of shoes, pumps or wedges, there is no way I would forget that. And why do I remember “conjunction junction what’s your function” from Sesame Street about 35 years ago but I seem to forget a part of a movie I saw 2 weeks ago. And don’t get me started on people’s name, sometimes I have to play games in my head to remember. I know age has to do with the beginning of being forgetful I just wish my brain was on my computer and I had to power to delete exactly I want to forget and save what I want to remember.


2 Responses

  1. Well “Conjunction Junction” was from School House Rock. How do I remember that? Uhhhm, well … I have the CD and was actually listening to it today in the car. No foolin’.

  2. That’s right…School House Rock! Guess my memory wasn’t as good as I thought. Do you have the “best of” school house rock CD?

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