Quick Saturday Story

I took my manfriend’s son to the doctor; his ear has been hurting for 4-6 weeks. On and off ringing, feeling clogged and hard to hear out of the one. After asking him numerous questions the doctors reply was to chew some gum and blow bubbles, if it’s not better come back in two weeks. He had already told her he has tried to chew gum but then she questioned if he “blew bubbles” (he’s like, I’m not six anymore). Is this what the medical profession has come to? It reminded me of that old Joke

Patient: doctor, my arm hurts when I do this.

Doctor: well don’t do that.

I expressed my “disbelief” at the front desk and was told very nicely to call membership (this is Kaiser) and complain. Supposedly the doctor’s in that particular day were “per diem”. I’m wondering if they are now going to send us to a specialist to find out exactly what brand of gum to chew…I would have to think Bubble Yum would be better then Trident!

Anyone else out there have a dumb doctor story?


One Response

  1. To find a silver lining in the horrible world of HMO, at least they didn’t try to get him on some prescription. Doctors always seem so quick to get medication out when it may not be needed. I guess Pfizer has not come out with special ear medication.

    Sometimes I think webmd.com really is a great tool. It probably said the same thing, but maybe they suggest a brand of gum to chew… one that blows extra good bubbles.

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