The Monster

I am so tired of irresponsible people getting “bailed” out. The news tells me just because I was responsible and bought a house that I could actually afford and I don’t max out my credit cards that I should still want to bail out the greedy ones…the one that had to keep up with the Jones’s. If we don’t help them then the price of my house will go down, the economy will worsen…UGH. It’s like these parents who spoil their kids and give them everything they want and then these brats are let out into society and we have to deal with them. When does this end. When are people going to be held responsible for their bad actions. I never liked that teacher who punished the whole class for one person’s actions…what is that all about? We are so pathetic now, are we still all proud to be Americans? The only way I will answer yes to that question is when Obama is elected.

Speaking of greed…I read that according to Obama, someone making $250,000 annually is rich. According to McCain it takes 5 million to be rich (then later on he said he was joking…whatever). So what does define wealthy? I guess wealthy is in the eye of the beholder. I would say if you are content with your life then you are wealthy. Greed is a nasty word…look where it has gotten us. We deserve what we get. C’mon…we were out of control, we were that spoiled teenager.


Get Well Soon Cher


This weekend life gave me one big rotten lemon so I went thirsty. I was all dressed and ready to see Cher in Vegas and Will Call told me she cancelled…she has been sick. I was so let down, words cannot explain. I hope she is OK and I guess it gives me another excuse for a Sin City trip. Vegas has to be one of the best people watching places in the U.S. I usually make about 2 trips a year and it’s still entertaining. If you have never been to Vegas my suggestion is 2 nights…it gets old real fast. Here are my 10 observations I made this trip.

·         People are still feathering their hair

·         98% of the people use the escalators rather than the stairs (god forbid they get a little exercise)

·         More hotels are adding topless pools (and hiring strippers to use them for bait)

·         The day of the 99 cent shrimp cocktail are long gone!

·         95% of the people are nice enough to hold the door open for you

·         Making it more family oriented is out…Sex is back.

·         In the daytime, flip flops is your major footwear choice (you can last forever in your FitFlops)

·         According to my boyfriend, 1% of the people are actually attractive

·         WAY TOO MANY time share sellers are in the hotels barking at you

·         People have high self esteem…I’m amazed at what bathing suits certain people wear

Oh…and if you’re thinking about commenting on Cher missing the concert because of her age…think again!

Viva Las Cher!

Will the debate take place…who knows? I won’t be able to watch anyway because I’m headed to Vegas today. I’m going to see Cher at Caesar’s. According to her in her interview with Gene Simmons (former boyfriend and Kiss band member) the show is spectacular. Watch these 3 minutes, I just love her candidness…it’s what makes Cher Cher!


McCain’s a no show

Here is a clip taken from the Today Show…McCain doesn’t show up for Letterman…what do you think? This is too fun for me!


Sometimes I feel stupid; I just learned that the United States does not have an official language. All this time I thought English was our official language…duh. So I guess now I don’t have the right to get mad when I walk into my neighborhood stores and hear Mexican music playing or when I call my manfriend’s Nextel phone and their message is in both English and Spanish (thank god Verizon does not do that). I can’t get mad when I’m looking for a job and one of the requirements is speaking Spanish (even though it’s not a state job) or going to back to school night and they have interpreters for people who can’t understand English. I can still get frustrated but if we don’t have an official language then it’s wide open!

My way of thinking is if I moved to Italy, I would assume I would have to learn Italian. Living in San Diego I do hear a lot of people complain about this problem being so close to the border. I’m not sure if this is happening in the Midwest or East Coast? It’s not that I don’t like Spanish but honestly, I don’t have the patience to have to listen to things twice…I know, I know.

I have learned something new this week and now know I have no right to get angry…lesson learned. In this case, ignorance was not bliss. Damn, I wish I had paid more attention in my Spanish class in High School.

Talk about…slotMusic

We knew it would come, it always does, and we just sit and patiently wait. Move over the albums, 8 tracks, cassettes and CD’s to make room for slotMusic! I am far from being tech savvy…I just started texting so I may be into this in a few years. Let me tell you what I understand about it in my terms…simple. The slotMusic is a little chip that is a fingernail sized memory card. The good thing is that most people don’t have to buy a slotMusic player…you probably already have one! They play on cell phones and multimedia players. They will also come with a USB adapter so you can play it on your computer. Honestly the thing that most excited me about this was I thought “wow, does this mean I don’t have to open those damn CD cases anymore”, talk about frustrating. BUT…and of course there is a but, I then read these chips will be sold in boxes similar to current CD packaging…sons of bitches! Now there is no reason for me to purchase.

People aren’t buying as many CD’s anymore so this is their hopeful answer. If bellbottoms, peace signs and tie dye has come back, I say try the 8 track again. There was nothing like getting that long black tape stuck in your player, ahh…the memories.

Don’t hold the lettuce

Why am I reading about more and more teens having weight loss surgery and how does a 13 year old get to 300 pounds? This should not be happening and we all know who to blame…the parents. How can you possibly let it get that much out of control…it should be handled at about 20 lbs overweight. If you are overweight and choose to eat fast food every night that is your choice but you should not be putting that on your kids. And of course we want the “fast fix” so let’s put our kids under the knife instead of forcing exercise and teaching healthy eating habits. With the statistics out there the risks outweigh the benefits. One teenager states “I just don’t have a lot of willpower”. Well sorry…that is no excuse. We are turning into the laziest society!! What does Ellen DeGeneres say, something about, we can´t even chew mints anymore, we need thin pieces of paper to dissolve in our mouths”.

The U.S is getting heavier and heavier and it’s starting earlier and earlier…not good. Start young with your kids because then they won’t know what they are missing. Fast food…what’s that?