Back from Boonton

My hometown park

My hometown park


Sometimes change is necessary and sometimes you’re happy when things stay the same. Labor Day in Boonton has not changed and I don’t ever want it to. It’s nice knowing when I go to the Firemen’s Fair that the beer tent will always be in the same place, the menu will always have steamers and I will see someone I went to high school with…now that is what I call priceless. I wonder if it’s different though for the people who have not moved and go every year, maybe me living 3000 miles away makes me see the event through my rose covered glasses.

The coasts are definitely different…I do feel more with my own kind when in NJ. There are more Italians, brunettes and when I say “coffee” (I guess I would spell it cawfee the way we say it) people don’t make comments. East coast people are more direct and sometimes that is perceived as being rude…I prefer direct rather then “well let me get back to you on that…something better may come up in the next couple days”! But the west coast kicks ass when it comes to weather…I will be torn my whole life on what side of the U.S I should live. It’s not like I can just move in the middle (sorry Kansas). If only I could get a few more Boontonites to invade California my two worlds would be united (it’s not like I can change the weather and get rid of that humidity).

I did have a great vacation…did I miss anything? Is there a topic someone would like me to rant and rave about?

Photo’s of the Parade


7 Responses

  1. Sarah Palin

  2. You can take the girl out of Boonton but you can NEVER take the Boonton out of the girl!! And what happens in Boonton stays (in the paper) in Boonton.

  3. Lets not forget that the West Coast doesnt ONLY mean Southern California. Northern California has a lot of great qualities about it that go beyond weather and I feel are more in line with some of the aspects of East Coast living.

    We also shouldnt forget that California is a highly progressive state when it comes to legislation socially, economically, environmentally, and so on. Hippies in Haight & Ashbury is all I have to say!

  4. I have to agree, people on the coasts are different. I’ve lived in the mid-west for 20 years (ho-hum…….yawn). While there are very nice people here, I too miss the more candid nature of my east coast “cawfee” buddies.

    Of course after 20 years there are some things I still can’t stand. In the mid-west (at least where I am) people wear Tennis Shoes (aka Sneakers) and drink Pop (aka Soda), this is just annoying. Tennis shoes – to go running? Please. Pop? I usually say “I’ll have a Diet Coke or 7-Up”, not “what kind of pop do you have?”

    And you’re right Stuck you can take the girl out of Boonton, but not vice versa.

    One more thing….No Wise Potato Chips or Taylor Ham.

  5. I know the first time I went to the grocery store and referenced a “carriage” people looked at me strange…I have to agree with them on that one…it is a shopping CART! My boyfriend lived in Hawaii for many years and calls flip flops…slippers?? I guess wherever you are born you will inherit something odd! But damn…if I still ate pork I would have devoured Taylor Ham…that has got to be the best…even better when cooked at Pauls Diner!!!!!

  6. Ah yes – 710 Haight Street says it all!

  7. There is something inherently annoying about the Mid-West use of “pop” for soda. It’s not even said like “pop,” it always comes out sounding like “pap.”

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