He found his “V”

I was asked to comment on Sarah Palin, the nominated V.P that unfortunately will not make it to D.C. My beef with that choice is McCain, as a friend of mine said last week “what, just because she has a vagina he thinks we will all come over to his side” (not an exact quote but close). You know that is the ONLY reason he picked her…check. Obama is still the smarter choice…checkmate!  I really don’t care about her daughter’s situation or her lack of experience, I would honestly rather have her then a 72 year old…sorry that is just too old to be president. A 12 year old commented to me that at least he doesn’t have to drive anywhere; he takes his limo…now that is funny! The election has always been a game but now it has gone from Pong to the hottest Xbox 360 game. As soon as I heard about McCain’s choice for VP I had a vision of him just snickering, hunched over, hands clasped and twirling his fingers like a Batman villain.

I have faith that America is smart enough not to fall for his obvious ploy. I’m not saying Obama is perfect but he is more sincere, that I have no doubt.


15 Responses

  1. After her speech last night I have got a funny feeling that people may have actually liked her. She is a “family” person, as one person put it.

    Personally the speech made me dislike her even more.

  2. You can like her as much as you want…just don’t vote for her.

  3. I for one think it is time for a woman in the White House. It is time to break the glass ceiling. Hillary tried but could not succeed, now we have another chance. No matter why he picked her, it would be historical. Think about how this will empower young girls, working mothers, mothers of special needs children.

    Even if NOW does not support you Governor Palin, this male does. Good luck!

  4. I have to disagree…if…and that is a BIG if…she makes it to the white house it will be for the wrong reasons. As much as I want a woman in the White House, McCain is making it more of a mockery. You have to admit he is playing dirty. Tell me Rusty truthfully…did you want McCain all the time or did Palin being nominated change your mind?

  5. It would also be historic if a black man made it to be president. It was also historic when a non-Protestant made it to presidency with JFK.

    Plus, if McCain died she would be president. Personally I think it would be more historic if the first woman president was elected president, not vice president than assumed the role. And as old as McCain is, it is a definite possibility.

  6. McCain is so diluted and distorted now in attempted to win from behind he will do and say anything to motivate a convincable block (Woman, Evangelicals etc..) I think the debates will be a another chapter. I know potential McCain supports that are turned off by Palin because of her abortion stance alone…Good luck McCain. I think your toast on your age alone…The GOP needs to evolve like Cadillac or all it’s voters will be dead soon.

    PS-I used to kinda like McCain …but now that the old guard GOP has a hold of him I can’t stand him..

  7. I still say go “Ralph Nader” if only he was still running he would be my first choice!!!

  8. Palin is a gun toting, abstinence pushing, two-faced born again Christian. The last thing we need in the executive branch is ANOTHER born again Christian pushing for abstinence education for teenagers, drilling in Alaska and demolition of civil rights.

    Furthermore, my gut says she is not trustworthy. No backing to support it. Just intuition.

    I look forward to her debating with Biden in the forthcoming months. Something tells me she will be shred to pieces by Biden’s quick tongue!

  9. The opportunity to be the first female VP is not something a successful female politician would never pass up. I will not dismiss her because there were “politics” involved in her choice.

    You have one vote Sarah…sorry it could not be more. Maybe one day a woman will get there if she is asked for the right reasons, or if she is asked to be President.

    My hope for the world is that one day we will not have these gender barriers. Until we can get one to break through, we will have to wait.

    In the meantime, I will continue to stick up for the working hockey moms, when even the other moms won’t.

  10. I see where all of you are coming from and understand all your views but lets face it,
    the entire election is a joke and nobody is really going to run this country in a way that makes everybody happy. Its now as the DD put it a game of Chess.
    The black side (I am refering to the color of the chess pieces) moves its knight (Bidin)out in front so the white side moves the queen(Palin) up to counter. To be honest I found the game to be boring and this election is boring me even more.
    Stuckn 70’s I am begining to think you might have something going here.
    I found the comments about the beer tent to be much more captivating.

  11. Jefferson is awesome and summed it up perfectly!

  12. Wait – let’s at least be fair here. Isn’t it reasonable to say that Obama selected Biden because he expected to pick up – Catholic; Pennsylvania; Old Guy; (3 groups that were acknowledged to be a problem for him) votes? Why isn’t that a ploy?

    Don’t care about her LACK of experience! Let’s be fair here too, isn’t Navy Commander/Senator + Mayor /Governor more executive experience than community organizer/senator + attorney/senator?

    Say what you want about being old or not liking him, her, or their views, but let’s face it. Both sides are playing us. It’s politcs.

  13. I agree that both sides are playing us…I just think McCain is playing a tad dirtier.
    It is politics…that is why I don’t listen much to what they have to say because they lie…I go with my gut and McCain makes my gut ache!!

  14. I continue to be frustrated by this downplay of Obama’s role of community organizer as equating lack of experience to lead the executive branch of federal government. Those ideas have been expressed on my blog, but I will bring attention to them here because it needs to be said again:

    “Where would this country be without the likes of Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez? Community organizers are able to bring people together for a common cause, allowing that group to work towards a common goal. Often using grassroots techniques, community organizers are able to unite people one by one into a large group committed to change. This skill set seems of utmost importance in a position where one must unite soldiers to protect a nation. A position that must organize business leaders to help grow a weakening economy. A position that must bring together leaders of the free world to combat global issues of climate change, trade and human rights.”

  15. I actually like Palin’s personality, but I won’t vote for her because I disagree with almost everything she stands for.

    And… I do think American’s are gullible enough to fall for McCain’s trick. Remember that Bush won TWICE. Kind of speaks to the stupidity of most Americans, huh?

    I wish Obama would get back to positive and hope-filled messages. This negativity is turning me off big time.

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