An Important Job

I started an art class yesterday, I honestly don’t know if I have any talent, which is what I am trying to find out. What I do know is that I have to get over the fear of being criticized. One of my projects I drew a house and was totally embarrassed how it looked…like a 5 year old did it which I admitted to my art teacher. She then asked me when the last time I painted and it was, when I was a little kid. So why then would I paint a house like an adult would…it did kind of make sense. I thought back to my grade school art teacher (which I think I had all 8 years at my catholic school)…she was so mean, so demanding and did not let you create your way…it had to be her way. Now I wonder if I would be able to draw better and have more confidence if I had a different teacher. I have always said that teachers are a HUGE factor in our lives and I don’t think you should become one unless you are damn serious about being great at it. Just last week my sister and I were saying how little we know about U.S History…come to find out we had the same boring teacher in High School (I had him for 2 years)…talk about monotone.  The one reason I am good at math is that I had a nun that when she walked in the room I swear I got diarrhea but fear is not the way to teach either. I did have some good ones and I thank them for all their hard work and kindness.

Mrs. Malayter…thank you for understanding how much I disliked PE Class! Anyone else have a teacher they want to thank?


2 Responses

  1. Thank you Mr. Hardy for making Geometry fun. Thank you Mrs. Lamothe for liking my poem and thank you Sister Jean de Paul for everything.

  2. I never had the cool teachers in high school like Hardy or Mr. Slesh…… (you know who I mean, I can’t begin to spell his name)., but I did like Mr. O’Niel. I thought he was a cool guy and a good teacher.

    As far as math goes, Sr. Gergita could scare the crap out of anyone. She was one mean women. and Sr. Jean de Paul was wonderful.

    Thank you Mrs. Costello for endless entertainment in homeroom. It lives today.

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