Engraved in Stone

I was somebody.

Who, is no business of yours.


This is an epitaph on a tombstone in Stowe, Vermont. I read this blurb yesterday in my paper of Daily Dalia possible ideas and it made me stop and think. First off I really liked it, it impressed me; I thought right off it was a person with a high self esteem, someone who didn’t have to brag to the world all about them. It didn’t matter if they had a high prestigious job or just your everyday job, they were happy with whoever they became. All that mattered to them was their family and friends who will all know where the grave is located because they loved and cared about them. If you were a stranger in their living life then why would you want to know who they were in their after life?


Thinking you are somebody in a humble way is one of the greatest achievements you can make in life. There is a chance this person was just being cocky but gut says no.

 I think it’s a great epitaph.


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