Everyone wants change

I knew today being 9/11 was the anniversary of an awful day for the U.S but I wasn’t sure how many years it had been (my memory of time frames is gone). Then I read it is the 7th anniversary…my train of though immediately went to “the 7 year itch”. The meaning of this term is commonly “the inclination to become unfaithful after seven years of marriage” It is now often extended to refer to an urge to move on from any situation, and not even limited to those of seven years’ duration.

Well, I do have that 7 year itch. I actually feel less secure with this country now 7 years later after that catastrophe. I think taking my shoes off at the airport is kind of useless now (first class passengers get steak knives) and the word recession is still in full effect. I think the country should scratch their 7 year itch and be unfaithful to the Republican Party, have that urge to move on…vote Democrat…vote Obama.

Peace to all the relatives and friends of the victims of 9/11 and peace to everyone who was affected that day.

2 Responses

  1. I agree! Simply because we haven’t been attacked in seven years does not mean we are safer now than we were after 9/11. The actions this country has taken in the past 7 years have pitted a world against us. US military forces are stretched thin. The government has a huge deficit, forcing the country to borrow from other nations, such as China.

    The country needs a change of direction. A fear of mine is that McCain will resort to old world (yes, that is a joke to make reference to 16th century) tactics to deal with a modern world. Using Cold War ideals to deal with modern Russia won’t necessarily work in a highly connected world. The world has changed, particularly following 9/11, and the masked enemy of terrorism and those who harbor it cannot be dealt with using traditional means of warfare and diplomacy, as Republicans continue to do.

    It is time for change we can believe in. It is time to have hope again for a better America. Vote Obama/Biden 2008!

  2. Muslims can’t afford first class seats so there is no worry those steak knives will be used to kill people.

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