Stop the sublimanal

This is my subliminal thought for you

I heard an actress being interviewed (her name escapes me) but she commented how her husband was “babysitting” the kids…this is an OLD habit that must be broke. My kids are in their 20’s; when they were babies and I was working I would have people ask me if my husband was babysitting…you would think by the year 2008 people would get it. For anyone who does not…a babysitter is someone who watches a child during the absence of a parent and usually gets paid, that does not include a father or mother. I know it’s not a huge deal but I feel it sends out a subliminal message. Has anyone ever heard someone ask if a Mom was babysitting…I haven’t! And while we are on the subject women…stop saying “my husband is so great because he helps with the housework”. I want to pull my hair out…it is his house too!!! Oh, and I have also heard raves about dad’s who “help” with diapers and baths. If the baby in question calls him dad…it’s his job! Picture this…two guys talking…”my wife is so great, last night she got up in the middle of the night and fed the baby”, c’mon, that’s funny! Just one more subliminal message. Speaking of…did anyone else notice at the end of Mamma Mia when Meryl Streep’s character (big on woman’s lib) gets married and they are announced “man and wife”. In life, just one more subliminal message.


4 Responses

  1. YES!!!! I hate this! I am not bloody babysitting my kids!!!!!

  2. I hear that a lot to women I work with. I find it amusing. And they all complain.

  3. I call it out every single time that I hear the babysitting commentary I always call it out. I find it offensive as a mother and a woman. It makes out childcare to be something that only women should be doing.

  4. When my daughters were young, I was the stay-at-home daytime-work-at-night parent. Whenever someone would come up with the “babysitting” concept, I always replied”oh no, these are MY daughters”.

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