Reality Bites

My sister calls me yesterday and leaves a message saying “I don’t ask many favor’s but PLEASE watch The Biggest Loser tonight”. She is a big fan and she knows I don’t like reality shows. 95% of reality shows have too much drama for me, too many mean people and they are so scripted that they should take the word reality out of their genre title. But, it is true, my sister does not ask many favors of me so I watched the first hour (it was 2 hours). The first 10 minute intro just describing the show was torture enough…way too long! Then we have to meet each team…again, dragged out too long, I think it was almost 40 minutes into the show until they actually exercised. Then I had to hear this annoying woman trainer who should win the Oscar for Best Actress in a reality show. She was way too mean…and don’t comment that you have to be mean to these people…not the way she was. And then someone has to go home so what happens to them, do they stay fat? I like the idea that overweight people are getting healthier but I don’t like the exploitation of them. Why can’t they be helped without all the drama…why…because no one would watch. Wait, my sister did ask me another favor, damn! She had also asked me to watch Moment of Truth…I think I lasted 20 minutes on that one…talk about sick! I do admit I watch Project Runway, I love to see the creativity and it’s not dragged out with little drama.

I just hope eventually people get tired of these shows and stop watching. I want to see good old fashion sitcoms come back to T.V! I’m also hoping the next favor my sister asks is for me to give her a kidney, that would be less painful then another reality show!

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  1. I watch The Soup on E! and get my entire reality show information there, and it comes in a nice and handy satirical format as well, can’t beat that.

  2. I have been a big fan of “The Biggest Loser” since the first season. I have watched other reality shows here and there but this one I will be faithful to till the end. I immediately get invested in these contestants and their weeknesses. I have never been obese so I can’t truly appreciate what they are going through, but I can’t think of a better way to lose weight.

    First, you get at the very least a vacation from home. Second, you have a fitness instructor/trainer provided for you and your team everyday. Third, at sometime during your stay you will have a professional chef come and teach you how to cook…what to cook …and what to buy and not to buy at the supermarket. Yes, most of these things might be common sense to you and I, but some might need a refresher course. Fourth, you have a complete physical prior to your challenge and are monitored daily. You get your work out clothes handed to you and a unlimited amount of positive reinforcement. And last but not least depending how long your stay lasts at the weight loss ranch you get a chance to win cash, work out equipment , a free week or two with a fitness instructor (once you get home), a week stay at some resort and etc…Oh yes and ALL of this takes place in a beautiful lodge with pool and view.

    The challanges are fun to watch. Either with teams or individuals. The temptations are also entertaining and yes, there is drama and the trainers get theatrical and tough but it’s all to get them motivated and put aside their excuses. As the weeks pass so do the perks…..Make overs ….new clothes and location change (a vacation from their vacation)

    To me this is a WIN WIN situation. EVERYONE walks away a winner whether they are there for one week or they are the grand prize winners of $250,000.00. For example the couple who got voted off first (because they lost the least amount of weight) lost an addition 30 lbs each after they got home. Simply by applying everyting they learned on the ranch to their everyday life at home. All of the “voted off” contestants are then put into another contest too see who can lose the most weight at home and come back for the final weigh in for the grand finale. So they could win $100,000.00.

    I don’t think these people are remotely exploited. Of course the show wouldn’t work without the added drama…the audience still wants to be entertained, you can’t just watch people work out, eat less and then get on a scale …but the show is successful because it is helping so many people right before our eyes.. We can see the results weekly and the before and after pictures are priceless. Everyone that is on medications for high blood pressure/ high cholesterol/and other issues are taken off eventually. And other conditions such as sleep apnea have disappeared. All this takes place weekly and I for one love success stories.

    Friendships have formed, two couples got married and I believe to this date most of the contestants have kept “most of their weight off and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Biggest Loser ” is one of my favorite shows and is the only reason that I ordered the “DVR” for our TV.

  3. All I have to say to the above essay on Biggest Loser is WOW! That is a dedicated fan. I can’t wait to read one about Gayken and the Claynation on his finally leaving the closet!

  4. I must say stuckn70s is a huge fan. I still stand by my “too much drama”. There are a ton of people in the world with various problems, I would like everyone to be able to get help butnot have to expose themselves on a reality show to do so.
    And yes xpressyrsf…finally Clay came out. All I can say is it’s about time Clay! Be gay and say!! Come out and shout.

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