Be Honest

This is a subject I talked about the first week of my Daily Dalia when I had a tab on my friend’s site, San Elijo Life. My curiosity on this subject warrants a second post hoping this time I get at least one comment from an owner…an owner of anything Louis Vuitton. C’mon, do you guys actually like these or is it a prestigious thing? If they sold in Target for $10.99 (the real ones, not the fakes) would you still want one? I have to laugh whenever I walk by an LV store at the mall, if you dropped a pin in one someone would say Shhhhhh. My view is this, don’t you want to be somewhat original…every other person and their dog seems to still be toting these things. I went to see my financial advisor the other day and for some reason he took out his wallet…it was an LV. Of course I had to comment to him (I just can’t keep my mouth shut) trying to pass it off he said it was a gift…gifts are returnable! If I was in Vegas placing a bet, I would have to wager that the main reason people buy these is because they think it makes them look like they are someone.

So if you own anything Louis Vitton or know anyone who does can you please comment…and tell the truth. Do you really like that brown/gold pattern or is it the two letters that adorn it?


4 Responses

  1. I guess no LV owner wants to talk…damn! Maybe I don’t have any LV readers? I won’t give up though…in 6 months I will bring it up again and again until someone fesses up!!

  2. If someone gave me a LV anything as a gift my first thought would be to throw it in the trash…….but I would have more fun watching the morans at a garage sale.

  3. i like lv’s classic monogram and damier pattern. i think that the bags are flawless and well-made. for me it’s an investment. i’d rather spend good money on one bag that will last me a lifetime instead of 30 bags that are cheaply made and are disposable in style. quality vs quantity is what i always go for.

  4. Thanks for sharing Michelle…if it is an investment for you and not a “prestige” thing then I can see where you are coming from. I like the 30 bag idea…I get bored with things pretty easy.

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