Don’t hold the lettuce

Why am I reading about more and more teens having weight loss surgery and how does a 13 year old get to 300 pounds? This should not be happening and we all know who to blame…the parents. How can you possibly let it get that much out of control…it should be handled at about 20 lbs overweight. If you are overweight and choose to eat fast food every night that is your choice but you should not be putting that on your kids. And of course we want the “fast fix” so let’s put our kids under the knife instead of forcing exercise and teaching healthy eating habits. With the statistics out there the risks outweigh the benefits. One teenager states “I just don’t have a lot of willpower”. Well sorry…that is no excuse. We are turning into the laziest society!! What does Ellen DeGeneres say, something about, we can´t even chew mints anymore, we need thin pieces of paper to dissolve in our mouths”.

The U.S is getting heavier and heavier and it’s starting earlier and earlier…not good. Start young with your kids because then they won’t know what they are missing. Fast food…what’s that?


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  1. Yes, this is a big problem. Childhood obesity is causing problems rarely seen before in children. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, sleep apnea, ect. The blame goes all around, from food processors to parents. It used to be that food was so expensive, usually only wealthy people could become overweight “fat cats.” We now have become so efficient at producing food and making sure that it’s available to everyone, and making it soo tasty, that anyone can become obese. 100 years ago a child would be excited to get an apple as a “treat” between meals! Of course those meals had fresh ingredients, were probably prepared by a stay-at-home mom and cost the family a good chunk of their income. Lots of kids went to bed hungry though too. What’s the answer?

    This issue is not only affecting those idividuals, but is causing a big impact on the cost of medical care and work productivity.

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