Talk about…slotMusic

We knew it would come, it always does, and we just sit and patiently wait. Move over the albums, 8 tracks, cassettes and CD’s to make room for slotMusic! I am far from being tech savvy…I just started texting so I may be into this in a few years. Let me tell you what I understand about it in my terms…simple. The slotMusic is a little chip that is a fingernail sized memory card. The good thing is that most people don’t have to buy a slotMusic player…you probably already have one! They play on cell phones and multimedia players. They will also come with a USB adapter so you can play it on your computer. Honestly the thing that most excited me about this was I thought “wow, does this mean I don’t have to open those damn CD cases anymore”, talk about frustrating. BUT…and of course there is a but, I then read these chips will be sold in boxes similar to current CD packaging…sons of bitches! Now there is no reason for me to purchase.

People aren’t buying as many CD’s anymore so this is their hopeful answer. If bellbottoms, peace signs and tie dye has come back, I say try the 8 track again. There was nothing like getting that long black tape stuck in your player, ahh…the memories.


One Response

  1. Ah ! Good old 8 tracks, besides pulling the miles of tape out of your player do you remember the huge suit case you had in your back set that held about 12 tapes.
    Well 11 because you had to keep your head cleaner in one of slots.there was just enough room in your back seat for those huge home stereo speakers that had long enough wire so that you could place them on the roof to entertain all the guys at the kegger.

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