Get Well Soon Cher


This weekend life gave me one big rotten lemon so I went thirsty. I was all dressed and ready to see Cher in Vegas and Will Call told me she cancelled…she has been sick. I was so let down, words cannot explain. I hope she is OK and I guess it gives me another excuse for a Sin City trip. Vegas has to be one of the best people watching places in the U.S. I usually make about 2 trips a year and it’s still entertaining. If you have never been to Vegas my suggestion is 2 nights…it gets old real fast. Here are my 10 observations I made this trip.

·         People are still feathering their hair

·         98% of the people use the escalators rather than the stairs (god forbid they get a little exercise)

·         More hotels are adding topless pools (and hiring strippers to use them for bait)

·         The day of the 99 cent shrimp cocktail are long gone!

·         95% of the people are nice enough to hold the door open for you

·         Making it more family oriented is out…Sex is back.

·         In the daytime, flip flops is your major footwear choice (you can last forever in your FitFlops)

·         According to my boyfriend, 1% of the people are actually attractive

·         WAY TOO MANY time share sellers are in the hotels barking at you

·         People have high self esteem…I’m amazed at what bathing suits certain people wear

Oh…and if you’re thinking about commenting on Cher missing the concert because of her age…think again!


4 Responses

  1. We were so excited about our Las Vegas trip to see Cher. We had purchased tickets a few months ago and were looking forward to a fabulous “girls night out”. Row 4 seats. We had flown in from Chicago and you can imagine our dissappoitment when we were told the September 27th show was cancelled. I was just laid off this week, after 25 years with a Fortune 100 company, so I guess my dream of seeing Cher has been permanently dashed. Enough about me-Get well soon Cher!

  2. I feel your pain…and then getting laid off, so sorry! If you have never seen Cher perform, do not give up…she is worth the persistence. I have seen her about 5 times, the first time being in 1975 with Sonny and she came out on a horse singing Half Breed…I will never forget it. Good luck to you Katrina

  3. I went to vegas to see her perform for the last time and the concert was canceled. I have seen her perform about 9 times and truth is that I don’t get tired of her, I found something else to do (there are plenty of things you can do in vegas). At this point I am really concerned about her health, although I love her to death, if she is suffering from a throat related disease, she should stop now, for her own well being, love you cher!!!

  4. I concure…you can’t get tired of Cher! Rumor has it she will be back in 2009, that damn dry Vegas air messed her up. Rest up Cher 🙂

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