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I am so tired of irresponsible people getting “bailed” out. The news tells me just because I was responsible and bought a house that I could actually afford and I don’t max out my credit cards that I should still want to bail out the greedy ones…the one that had to keep up with the Jones’s. If we don’t help them then the price of my house will go down, the economy will worsen…UGH. It’s like these parents who spoil their kids and give them everything they want and then these brats are let out into society and we have to deal with them. When does this end. When are people going to be held responsible for their bad actions. I never liked that teacher who punished the whole class for one person’s actions…what is that all about? We are so pathetic now, are we still all proud to be Americans? The only way I will answer yes to that question is when Obama is elected.

Speaking of greed…I read that according to Obama, someone making $250,000 annually is rich. According to McCain it takes 5 million to be rich (then later on he said he was joking…whatever). So what does define wealthy? I guess wealthy is in the eye of the beholder. I would say if you are content with your life then you are wealthy. Greed is a nasty word…look where it has gotten us. We deserve what we get. C’mon…we were out of control, we were that spoiled teenager.


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  1. Here’s an article from The Onion that seems to fit with the theme of your post today:



  2. Wow…what an article. I think my mouth hung open the whole time…AMAZING. I think I would rather date a murderer serving time then this dude. What aasses…him and his parents. Thanks for that Kevin.

  3. Well, according to continued Republican rhetoric, the free market is supposed to fix this and prevent it. The laissez faire ideal has been a part of GOP policy for almost a century. No government meddling in and this is what happens. The Republicans seem to forget that the government is for the people, by the people and of the people. Thus, this “meddling” in our lives and/or business is simply ourselves engaging in our own lives for the good of all, and the good of the country.

    Will the Republicans ever learn that laissez faire does not work? It got this country into the Great Depression almost a century ago and it’s baring its dark mark on our country once again.

  4. I’m not sure what Obama is going to do about stopping irresponsible people from getting “bailed” out.

    According to the Chicago Tribune “During his nearly eight years in Springfield, he tucked special earmarks into massive budget bills to shower small bequests on inner city schools, parks and youth service agencies.”

    In fact he said “My philosophy was that, if money was being distributed, then it would be inappropriate for me to not get my share for my district,” Obama, now one of the U.S. Senate Democrats’ leaders on ethics reform, said in an interview.,0,3860794.story

    Also, as far as the current economic crisis is concerned take a look at this video

    Burning Down the House

    It’s rather long, but very educational.

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