Early Detection

Betty Ford: “When other women have this same operation, it doesn’t make any headlines. But the fact that I was the wife of the President put it in headlines and brought before the public this particular experience I was going through. It made a lot of women realize that it could happen to them. I’m sure I’ve saved at least one person—maybe more.”

Christina Applegate: “You’ve got scarring and there’s a lot of things you’re missing and the shape is not the same and it doesn’t feel the same. It’s hard to carry your purse and there are so many limitations to it. I don’t have to wear a bra,” (she laughed to audience applause, adding), “Ever again. So I look at the bright side, too.”

Melissa Etheridge:-“What people don’t get is that hair is such a big part of our identity. “And I was a rocker very attached to my hair. I used to get up on stage and I used to (she shakes her head) and it’s not there. I used to hide behind it. It was a big thing for me to come out like that. But it was very empowering. It felt great”

Nancy Reagan: Upon hearing the results of her breast examination, the First Lady said: “I guess it’s my turn.”

Olivia Newton-John: “Early detection is key,” she said. “And if I hadn’t found my lump early, I don’t know what would have been. I am still here and I want to encourage women to do that on a regular basis.”