You want our help with what??

The coffee sleeve on a Starbucks cup asks us, the consumer to “Help us help the planet”.  Ok Starbucks, I do happen to have one suggestion for you…turn off your fricken faucet! Yes all you Starbucks freaks out there, did you know your company is wasting 23.4 million litres of water a day due to purposely leaving on their cold tap at every one of its 10,000 branches.  The staff is actually forbidden to turn off the tap for “safety rules”, bosses saying that a constant flow stops germs in the taps. The claim that running taps are needed for hygiene reasons was dismissed by experts as “nonsense”. FYI – water shortage is seen as one of the major problems facing the world.

To put it in perspective a single Starbucks tap left running for just over three minutes wastes the amount of water one African needs to survive for a day in drought conditions. Starbucks has confirmed that the taps are left on and the water is not recycled.

I am not a Starbucks customer so I don’t have to boycott but I’m hoping next time you want to order your Iced Single Vente, 7 pump Peppermint, Caramel Sauce Top and Bottom, Light Ice, No whip, Mocha (whatever the hell that is) you take your business elsewhere. Why not just try a good ole fashion cup of coffee at AM PM…that is where I go and it is delicious! And with the $10 I save on that cup of coffee I can buy a couple gallons of gas…sweet! To read more and see a video…


3 Responses

  1. WOW! I have never heard about this before. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to actually be revealed. Looks like Pete’s Coffee will be my new chain of choice.

    Local coffee shops need business more now than ever anyway. Even better reason to support them.

  2. personally, i’m still a big fan of 7-11’s Dark Mountain Roast. mmmmmmm.

  3. I am not a big coffee drinker but every morning I make a half a pot of coffee for someone special in my life and she seems to like it. I think it works out to about 20 cents a day. I have never found it necessary to leave the water running in this process.
    Star bucks water bill must be pretty high having that free flowing water going directly into the sewer system when even a dripping faucet reflects on your water bill.
    HMmm… maybe that explains their $5 charge for a cup of coffee.
    I am with the Dalia on this one AM PM has the best coffee and a large ( that is english for Vente) is a $1.19

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