Choose your words carefully

Ok, it’s been at least a week since I have posted a “feminist” entry so I am due. I was at a craft fair this past weekend and in a booth (run by a young, hip woman) there was a sign posted that said “Your husband called and said you can buy anything you want”.  That made me NOT want to shop in her booth…not spend more money. Do I live in the Twilight Zone where I make my own decisions on what money I can spend? Hmmm…when this woman’s husband goes to play poker with his buddies is there a sign on the table that says “Your wife called and said you can bet anything you want”. What makes this whole thing worse is that a woman put that sign in her booth…she should know better (and I have seen this particular sign at other places). It reminded me of a friend I used to have and one day she said to me “my husband bought me a new washer”…key word being “me”. Does the rest of the family beat their clothes on a rock in the river and she only uses the machine on her clothes? In some cases I’m sure the husband does say “look what I bought you” and then in other cases I think the woman puts that thought in her own head…both are wrong.

I have already done a post on subliminal messages and this is all part of it. I will continue to point out these thoughts because maybe some people don’t realize the message they are putting out in society. And yes, I bet 75% of you think it is no big deal but it is…especially if the word respect is important to you.


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  1. i totally agree with this one. i think there’s not enough collaboration and too much “ownership” in many of today’s relationships. it’s supposed to be a partnership, yet so much of our communication reflects attitudes from the 1950s.

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