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I actually think something has surpassed my annoyance with cell phones although it is definitely related… the Bluetooth. It boggles my mind how people don’t care how stupid they look talking into the air, it’s like you have an imaginary friend with you. I was at lunch with my manfriend yesterday and he saw a woman he knows and proceeded to talk to her…she was talking but nothing made sense to what he was saying…yes, she was on her Bluetooth. At least try to motion somehow that you are on a Bluetooth (she never did, we had to figure it out). Then I saw another woman on her obnoxioustooth and the server thought she was talking to him…he brought her food but she gave him no acknowledgement or even a “thank you”…you could see he was confused and wasn’t sure who she was talking to. Then the other day I was talking to someone directly, in person, and he wasn’t answering me because he thought I was on a Bluetooth…see how confusing this all is.  Why has the “talking” become such an important thing in life? More people should learn how to just be quiet sometimes. And if you hear most of these conversations they are stupid and unimportant. How can you not hear them because rude people YELL when they talk. If I had to choose between a rudeness of either people talking loud into a phone or into the air…I would opt for the phone.

I don’t know, the world is getting weird.


5 Responses

  1. i COMPLETELY agree. just because it doesn’t look like you’re on the phone doesn’t mean you’re not. it bothers me how much common sense and etiquette have gone out the window. since when did it become okay to eschew personal face-to-face human interaction for a telephone conversation?? RUDE.

  2. I love how BlueTooth technology has made the crazy homeless person all of a sudden seem less crazy.

  3. Bluetooth devices can provide their own amusement however. There was a lady sitting at a table next to me in a cafe one day and she was wearing one of these devices on her ear. She wasn’t talking on the phone though, and because of her “poofy” hair (sorry, I don’t have the vocabulary to describe womens hair styles) I couldn’t actually see the device. However, the device was flashing its blue light every few seconds and the flash of light was being diffused through her hair, creating the most amusing effect of causing the entire left side of her hair-do to glow blue every few seconds. It was fascinating to watch. I only wonder if she was aware that she had turned her head into a glowing beacon that would make Rudolf jealous.

  4. Well if it provides entertainment as to be able to watch “poofy” hair light up blue every few seconds then yes, there are exceptions!

  5. its time to start a counter attack….someone needs to invent a device that will send a high pitched sqeeeeeeeel to their device…..

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