The Spirit of Kate, part 2

 The Beautiful Stranger” as Kate Morgan is known as at the Hotel Del Coronado did not appear to myself or my 12 year old companion (Shelby). Checking into our “spirit’s” room was very exciting for me; I have always been intrigued with her story. Upon entering the room I felt very peaceful, there wasn’t a bad vibe or anything that would feel eerie which I’m sure everyone has experienced…even Shelby commented how calming it felt. A hotel guest asked me while I was exiting our room if it felt “scary” in there; I told her it actually felt quite the opposite. Kate is definitely happy at the Del.

  We both talked to Kate as though she was in the room with us (no, I’m not a freak). There was one small oddity that did happen…before going to bed we both looked around the room for placement of everything since Kate has been known to move things around. I commented how the bathroom and closet door were both open. Since Shelby was sleeping right next to the bathroom door (and we were watching Scream) she got up and closed the door. I got up during the night to use the bathroom and the door was open…wide open. First thing in the morning I asked her if she opened it and she said “no”. I’m not saying it was Kate but that was the only odd thing that occurred. It was funny hearing people in the halls coming to look at the room and take pictures of themselves in front of the door. It is quite the tourist attraction.

To complete our Kate experience we then went to her grave (she is buried in San Diego). I don’t know why she intrigues me but she does. No one ever claimed her 24 year old body which is sad. If you want to read more about Kate there is a book written called “The Beautiful Stranger” which is the official account of her 1892 visit to the Hotel Del Coronado.

P.S… Rumor has it Kate was very jealous of Marilyn Monroe who filmed Some Like it Hot at the Del. To read more about Kate…