Weather or Not

Living in Southern California is not all it’s cracked up to be…we are now in fire season which literally stinks. A few days ago just miles from me people were evacuated from their homes because of raging fires. We get these strong Santa Ana winds along with hot and dry weather that causes these rages. I did have to evacuate once and it’s not fun. I only had a few minutes so I grabbed (in order) my dog, photo’s, jeans then shoes. Your mind thinks weird when in a panic, I thought to myself “it’s hard for me to find good fitting jeans so I’m grabbing them all” and you know how woman love their shoes. I have lived in California for about 20 years and felt one tiny earthquake…so CA has two natural disasters to deal with.

I lived in NJ for many years and I don’t think they have anything (hmm…maybe it’s time to move back). Oh wait; they have high humidity, huge disaster for me…frizzy hair! I know Florida and that area has hurricanes, I don’t like rain and wet but at least, like fires, you are pre-warned and have time to evacuate.  Then you have tornadoes in the mid west…this would scare me. Stuff flying around, your house is torn up but your neighbors is fine, landing in a place called Munchkin land…oh wait, sorry. Then some states are just too extreme like Seattle…I need sun more than 2 days a year, Minnesota…I need to feel my feet more than one month a year, Kansas…I need to be entertained more than 15 minutes a year, Alaska…I need normal sun/dark time.

So if anyone out there knows of Eden, please let me know…I’ll keep the secret.


6 Responses

  1. DENVILLE, NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don’t forget Alaska has Palin too! Gross!

    With global warming and all of this climate change, who knows where to move to next, as everything is changing everywhere.

    New Jersey has blizzards and floods. I don’t there is really any place you can escape from natural disasters. Even NYC had an earthquake in the late 19th century.

    Pretty sure there is no perfect place, but San Francisco is pretty close. The occasional earthquake and then smoke from distant fires. No humidity, but there is a lot of wind and that’s not good for the hair either!

  3. Where I live the kids are taught in school to sneeze or cough on their sleeve – so that’s a step in the right direction. They’re also big on hand sanitizers in the class rooms.

  4. I’ve heard that hand sanitizers are almost doing more bad than good because now germs and bacteria are getting stronger. Not to mention, most of the hand santizers really dry out the skin.

    I think children, especially, should use less of the hand sanitizers to allow their developing immune systems to build natural resistant for adulthood. The reliance on antiobiotics and other antibacterial products often inhibit the body from developing natural means for fighting infections. It also has led to stronger strands of infections, including the flu and staff.

  5. There is no perfect place to live however the perfect situation is to split up your living into two or more places. I have had fortune of living many years on the west coast, then 15 or so years in Hawaii and 9 years on the east coast. Each location had wonderful attrabutes but none of then were perfect. Summer and fall in the northern rockies would be perfect for me. Either the pan handle of Idaho or Montana would be the perfect setting for that time of year. When the snow starts to fall I would be off to Kailua Kona on the Island of Hawaii to sit out the winter in a tropical paradise. Of course I would have to win the lottery to do this so all you east coast people who are reading this are more the welcome to come stay in our guest house at each location to get away from the snow and the humidity of your area.

  6. I hope you play the lottery weekly because my bags are already packed…..are pets welcome??

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