I got a Rock

Two weeks from today is Halloween; I would have to say as a kid, my second favorite day of the year (first being Christmas). You get to play dress up and get free candy…its euphoric! My favorite costume when I was little was a gypsy (maybe that explains why later on I became a Cher fanatic). I never had to go to school the day after Halloween… the one and probably the only perk of going to Catholic School (it was All Saints Day). Take that public school kids that would laugh at us in our uniform!

I think there should be an age limit for trick or treating…I would say 3 to whatever age you are when you start high school. Once you are in high school, stick to the parties and please don’t knock on my door. I once had a couple ring my door bell with an infant in their arms…you have got to be kidding me. If you are giving this candy to your child you should be reported…if you are trick or treating for candy for yourself…you should also be reported. Maybe I should hire a bouncer to check age I.D. One more thing I would like to change about the holiday…stop all the slutty costumes. Why does every woman over 15 want to be something slutty. Yes a slut is a scary person but if you want to be the scariest person ever…this year be Sarah Palin as V.P. Just the thought of that makes me shutter!!!

Will the recession have an effect on Halloween this year…I will check my 12 year olds bag and see just how many Smarties vs. Hershey Bars are in her bag.


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