Trick or Treat


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  1. But my favorite now…. is a good ‘ole plain Hershey Bar

  2. My favorite were Chuckles…YUMMY! I would save the red and black for last since they were the best!

  3. I used to LOVE Charm lollipops and suckers and would SWEAR everything would last up until Christmas at least

  4. Especially the RED Charms lollipops! I was also a fan of Sugar Babies, Milk Duds and Good and Plenty!!!
    Charlie says “Love my GOOD & PLENTY!”
    Charlie says “Really rings my bell!”
    Charlie says “Love my GOOD & PLENTY!”
    Don’t know any other candy that I love so well!

  5. Pop corn balls were my favorite, the people who took the time to make them were always the nicest on haloween. My firends and I would trade parts of costumes so that we could hit them again and again.
    Did you ever take note that certain neighbor hoods would have higher quality goods.
    We lived in what one would call a blue collar area and the candy was good but not great.
    down the road about a mile was an area know as Snob Hill and they each tried to out do each other with full size candy bars or at least allowed you to take more then one of the Fun Size. The next neighbor hood was known as starvation ridge and they were poorer then most so we didn’t spend a lot of time there as we knew they counld not afford halloween but did their best to try, we would mostly just go there to say hello to our friends and their familys.
    One year it was raining so hard that the mayor canceled Haloween, That was a sad year for all. He made a rule that each home was to give their candy to their own kids.
    As I recall I had a boat load of fun size snickers and to this day every time I see one I think of that horrible night when the goverment took away our god given right to free candy.
    Well I only have one trick or treater left at my house and the rule still stands that dad inspects the haul before it is eaten. You know looking for possible tainted or tampered candy. And of course all Oh Henery bars are confiscated on inspection as we all known they are not for consumption. No!! well don’t tell my kids that because I have gotten away with it for many years now.

  6. Popcorn ball were not a hit where I lived…we wanted CANDY!

  7. Agreed, pop corn balls were a ripoff.

  8. Popcorn balls were up there with apples and donuts and were found smashed in the street days later

  9. Actually the stop for donuts and apple cider was a nice break…but apples…blah!!!
    And as for popcorn balls…who knew what was in there!!

  10. It’s too bad that we now live in a world where popcorn balls or candied apples isn’t even an option. Who knows what could be in there?

    I loved Jefferson’s comment above. What a great display of childhood memories surrounding Halloween. I particularly enjoyed the nicknames for each neighborhood, based on socio-economic status. Starvation Ridge is cruel, but clever nonetheless!

    Im surprised no on has mentioned the infamous houses that would leave a bucket of candy at the door with a written that says, “Please take one.” Ha. yeah right. Who ever did that? It’s a kid’s version of 7 7 7 on a slot machine!!!

  11. Well if times change and adults start trick or treating I want to go with you guys so I can have all your popcorn balls.

  12. I remember one house since I was a “Dalia” I would get an extra quarter…now that was cool!!! But it’s a deal Jefferson, I will give you all my popcorn balls.

  13. It didn’t matter if you went to this other house and said you were a “Dalia” EVERYONE got two pennies in ther bag regardless of their last name!!

  14. I just read on line the top 10 things kids don’t want for Halloween -Raisins, Candy Corn, Smarites/Necco Wafers, Dum Dum Lollipops, Apples, Tootsie Rolls, Miscellaneous, Wrapped Hard Candies, Laffy Taffy, Toothbrushes and anything Fun Sized.
    Not one mention of Popcorn Balls!

  15. Anyone remember Trick or Treating at the funeral home – Mackey’s. Now that was scary!!!!!

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