Last week I saw The Secret Life of Bees (a very good movie, read more under Reviews) but there was one part in the movie, which takes place in the early 60’s, where the African American character is going to the movies and he has to enter through the “colored” door and sit in a segregated section. Although I knew these kind of things happened it still took me back, I was almost embarrassed that they did take place and thought I’m so glad times are better (not perfect but better). I am not African American but I felt really sad thinking of having to use a separate door.

I am also not gay but I get really sad thinking of Prop 8 possibly passing. Anyone living in California knows what I am talking about. At this moment everyone (of age) in this state has the right to legally get married…Prop 8 will take that right away from gay people. Like the African American people being forced to enter using a “colored” door this is just as embarrassing to me, gay people not being able to enter the door to their wedding ceremony. Just because I am heterosexual, I should not have more rights.

Two weeks from tomorrow vote NO on prop 8. Take 1 minute and 5 seconds out of your busy life and watch…


2 Responses

  1. The Dalia has my support on this one!

  2. I wonder if I would have to walk through a door that said “Frizzy Unmanagable Hair” back then in the 70’s??? VOTE NO PLEASE

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