There is no “I”

Yesterday, in order to save some money, I washed my car. I really put a lot of effort into it, scrubbing hard with all my upper body strength (which isn’t much). When I was done it looked like crap, the water spots that were on before my wash were still there. And I would have to say the worst part of this chore is the drying, by the time that part comes I’m already exhausted from the wash. My manfriend does a much better job than me.

Also this past weekend my manfriend got home from a week vacation and thought he would do me a favor and do his laundry. I have told him in the past that I will do the laundry…that is our agreement. Well of course he forgot about it so it stayed in the dryer for a couple of days which then sometimes leads to an odor because they weren’t all the way dried and he threw everything in one load so it was overstuffed and wrinkled. This is why I want to do laundry…I told him thanks for the effort but it actually makes more work for me.

My thought is, are there certain jobs that the two sexes are better at? Are more women better at laundry and men at washing cars or is it just that way in my family? If so, is it because that is the way it was done in the earlier years so the tradition continues? Is it a personality thing…is it all about strength? I do know I am better at detailing the inside of a car and he is better at cleaning the disgusting lint filter that is in the dryer. I guess it’s all about teamwork!