Checking out

Can every company please use the same debit/credit card check out system. First of all, some places need to scan your card in most other places you scan your card. Then you spend a few seconds trying to find the “pen” so you can touch the screen, of course some of the pens are now missing so you either use your own or use your finger. My secret code is a word and one time the keypad was missing one of the letters in my word…now that’s weird. I don’t even know my word by numbers so I’m sure I looked suspicious to the checker. Then you go through a million questions…I always think I’m done but then there is always one more question. The other day I had a new question pop up…”do you want this on one card”. I was like “no, not one more question”!! Next they will be asking “are you sure you have enough money in the bank to cover this” or “we are in a recession…do you really need to purchase this”. Then sometimes you hit the green button for yes or the red for no but yet other’s you hit the little black button right below the Yes or No that is on the screen. And can I ask people…you know you will be checking out soon when you are waiting in line, so get everything ready…have your card out and in hand so you don’t have to spend minutes searching and PLEASE…put away your freaking cell phone!! There is nothing more annoying then someone checking out while they talk on their cell phone. Really, you are not that important in life, no one needs to talk to you for that minute.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe we should have the Government enforce standardized credit card systems so that they are all the same……sounds a lot like socialism…… Contrary to popular belief, some folks can multitask….like read the total amount on the register, select from the 5 options on the checkout card scanning system, maintain a conversation on the celly and chew gum. and when the “pen” doesn’t make itself readily known, I’ve found that fingers tend to work just as well.

  2. Based on how deregulation of the financial system destroyed the markets, maybe standardizing/regulating a few more things like credit card systems isn’t such a bad idea. This is besides the point.

    The actual post was not about the ability to multitask whilst using these credit/debit systems, it was the lack of their user friendly design and abundance of questions in these systems. Creating a consistent system within the marketplace is one of those simple steps that could postively effect consumers buying process.

    And, it is still rude to maintain a conversation “on the celly” going through checkout. People are forced to stand in line and therefore, forced to hear half of a conversation of someone on their cell. The conversation is typically so shallow in content, a quick text message would communicate the same thing and quietly.

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