The dreaded season

Two months from today will be Christmas Eve, the night that presents are put under the tree. I would have to bet that in most households there will be a lot more room under that tree. Yesterday I was at the mall and yes it was a Thursday but still it was dead, in some stores I could hear that clothespin hit the floor. In Macy’s I couldn’t find a pair of shoes and the salesperson said “please, don’t give up, we are so bored”.  If anyone is familiar with the Brass Plum department in Nordstrom, well I was the ONLY person shopping at the time…it is usually packed with young women. It was actually an eerie feeling.  JC Penney had all their Christmas decorations at 50% off already, that’s early. Oh, and we know the recession is hitting Abercrombie, have you seen the latest poster at the front door to lure you in…the guy might as well be naked. The pants are getting lower and lower, you can see his groin area. They are also spraying more of that obnoxious perfume at the door that lingers out into the mall that makes me gag. And why is it so dark there…do they not want you to see the merchandise or prices?

I know this year my list is basically nothing and maybe it’s a good thing. Christmas has gotten out of control…it seemed like you had to buy everyone, including the person at the DMV who took your photo for your new license a Christmas present! I know it’s corny but present’s are not the reason for the season people! One year my kids and I decided that you had to buy your gift on ebay and the limit was $20.00…that made it fun and a challenge; we all loved it! I know one family who are not exchanging presents this year, instead they are all spending the day together at Disneyland…now something like that is cool. So start thinking now of a fun way for you and your family to save money. Feel free to comment with suggestions!


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  1. When gift giving becomes a chore rather than a joy, there’s a problem. Holidays are actually far more enjoyable when you don’t have to participate in the captialist consumption of it. I’ve been enjoying Christmas much more since my family began exchanging gifts less and I’ve stopped exchanging with friends. It’s not Scrooge like, it just allows me to actually enjoy the season by not being in a line at a store consuming.

    As to Christmas decorations already being 50%, what happens the day after Christmas? 80% off?

    And I really hope the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch visits this site because the odor that eminates from their stores needs to stop. It permeates through at least three stores fronts in all directions and is not pleasant. They can keep the naked men posters because I think objectifying men is a great step forward for equality in America! Women have been objectified in photos/ads for ages. It’s great to see men are finally being put that position. And yes, no one should be in that position, but we know it will never stop, so it should be equal!

  2. Wow….there is a virtual cornucopia of good times going on here…….Xmas at Disneyland……..Good luck getting lunch….My last experience going there on a holiday and trying to get lunch was just as bad as trying to get on Space Mountain. As for consumption and capitalism – I’ll be the first to agree that every holiday has become a “Marketing” event. Here are some of the other greats:

    Mothers Day
    Valentines Day (This one is especially silly)
    Fathers Day

    But you know, thats the price we pay living in the best country with the best economic system on the planet, so I can deal with it. As for Disneyland or any Disney concoction – I say buldoze. As for objectifying – sex sells and its always been a two way street. It’s in the expression and each individuals interpretation of said expression. Sure women have been exploited for their sexuality more often than men – but lets face it, every intelligent woman knows how to use all of her tools and assets to get what she desires – including her sexuality. I could rant about how men typically get the raw deal in the divorce aftermath. It all balances at the end of the day. So, Xmas will come and go as it does every year and those that find themselves at Disneyland will likely audit the experience and find that gifts around family would likely have been cheaper – and all that time they spent in line waiting for a 30 second sub-par thrill, combined with the hour long line at Mickey’s “Quick” Burger Stand in Frontierland – the experience didn’t quite live up to the hype. And this they will conveniently deny because of their early programming in life that “Disney is the Greatest Place on Earth”…..Disney blows. Merry Xmas.

  3. Let’s keep “Christ” in Christmas

  4. Actually the origins of the Christmas holiday have very little to do with Christ in its original essence. The actual day Christmas is celebrated was originally chosen to conincide with old pagan festivals for Winter celebrations.

    The Roman Church (after Emperor Constantine converted the empire to Christianity) had to work at converting “pagans” to Christianity throughout Europe. To do this, the Church began intertwining their beliefs into pagan rituals to make it easier to convert them. This is why you have the Celtic cross that includes the cross with a circle. The circle is a symbol used in traditional Celtic religions (which was considered pagan by Christians at the time). By fusing the two symbols together, it was easier for Christians to convert unsuspecting pagans.

    This idea is furthered by the use of the Christmas tree in modern Christmas celebrations. This practice has its origins in pagan Winter celebrations. In the end, Christmas is more a symbol of Christian dominance and cruel overtaking of things that did not conincide with them, rather than accepting it and living side by side with it. Taking the Christ out of Christmas may help heal differences in modern society by again making it a celebration of a new season rather than the birth of a one religion’s figure.

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