We’re in the stretch

Yes, we all know it’s only one more week of hell for everyone…seeing millions of posters on the sides of the road (so many that you can’t even read them), phone calls asking or telling you how to vote, commercials on T.V…or should I say lies on T.V, Palin’s face  (sorry, did I say that out loud) and just all around bad chi in the air!

But…I do have to get in one last attempt to try and persuade at least one person to vote for Obama and No on prop 8 in CA…these are my 2 priorities.








As for Prop 8, we all know it is about equality for all, but for anyone who is concerned about the kids…well take 1 minute and 39 seconds to watch this video…what about these kids?

p.s If anyone is invited to an event at the Knights of Columbus, whatever state you live in, please do not go since they are the biggest donators to Yes on Prop 8.  

8 Responses

  1. This is a great video that makes the best counter argument to Yes on 8’s continued use of children. I find it fascinating that the only argument Yes on 8 can really come up with against same-sex marriage is the teaching of it to children at schools (which is an overexaggeration, to say the least, and pretty much untrue).

    When we deny equal standing for all citizens in this state, or country even, we are creating an uneven playing ground that effects more than just those discriminated against. It really does discriminate against those around them.

    We should take a lesson from history… Jim Crow laws did not work when they tried to discriminate against African Americans, so why are there people today trying to reinvent Jim Crow laws and embed them in the Constitution?

    NO ON 8!

  2. These folks who are Yes on 8 are a dying generation of closed minded stuck in the 40’s has beens who probably were rasied by parents who were against blacks having equal rights as well. Voting yes on 8 will not some how make the gays turn straight but I bet they think so. These people are probably rasing children who will some day face the fact that Gays are regular people and in fact a percentage of them will be gay.
    For all you yes on 8 people get your head out of the sand and worry about more important issues like the economy and health care and keeping your kids safe from gangs and drugs.
    Thats all I have to say about that!

  3. Ok I thought I was done with this subject but last night on my way home from work I saw what seemed to be a picket line along side the road and when I got up to there it was actually a very nice group of people holding VOTE NO ON 8 signs. A very nice mixture of men, woman and children having a good time and joyfully cheering. It was a nice pleasant experience.
    That in its self is not news or DD worthy but later in the evening I took my son to Moto cross practice in Perris and we came accross another picket going on but this one was different. The picketers were in the street stopping traffic and very nasty. The police were in force trying to break them up but the mob mantlity was going crazy.
    What is with you people?

  4. OOP’s I forgot to mention the the second group of people were holding signs as well
    Glad I went back and read my comment.

  5. About the “bad chi” in the air, I’m sorry but I really feel that the democrats are the one’s making the race dirty. An example could be the “palin’s face” comment you said yourself! I feel like whenever democrats hear something they don’t agree with they feel the need to let everyone know by letting out a big sigh or mumble “are you kidding me” under their breath. I respect your opinion, but I have mine too, so if we could keep these comments to ourselves it would be nice.

  6. Anonymous, we can sit here all day and discuss who we think is being “dirtier” in this race…we will never agree. I can say BOTH sides have some smudges and in my opinion, one side has more. As for my Palin remark…like I say in my byline, my blog is enlightenment with a hint of sarcasm…it is in my nature. I can not keep my comments to myself, that is my right and I will use that right. Thanks for your comment though, it was written intelligently and not like this one comment I had to delete because the person was filthy disgusting while disagreeing with me.

  7. I find the comment left by “anonymous” above conflicting, since s/he says that they feel the democrats are making the race dirty and when democracts hear something…la la la…you read it, but then at the end says, “if we could keep these comments to ourselves, that would be nice.”

    Well, you need to choose one or the other. You express an opinion bashing Democrats, but then say, lets keep them to ourselves. As a Democrat, I find that to be hypocritical. Additionally, how is anything supposed to be done in politics if opinions are not discussed. The very essence of democracy and this country is that is the freedom to express ideas without fear of prosecution.

    By the words of “Anonymous” I feel s/he is a Republican and wanted to silence opinions is always a highly Republican idea. They are the ones who brand anyone who disagrees with them as “unpatriotic” when expressing disagreement is the most patriotic thing one can do in this nation.

    And I will go on the record as saying, I fully agree with this site’s editor in saying, I’d rather not look at Palin’s face either as her smirks and winks, intermixed with the words from the mouth, bring utter disgust to my very being.

  8. Really though……. How about everyone put the emotions aside and let’s analyze the issues from a rational perspective. Then and only then, will the mudslinging on both sides of the fence cease and desist. When both sides decide to infuse a little respect and logic into their campaign strategies without all the “noise” – then “change” may actually start to occur. Then maybe we’ll look and begin acting like the enlightened nation we claim to be and redeem ourselves in the global community.

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