Filler up please

I had a reader send a topic idea…Pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions because of their religion. I have heard of these pharmacists but I only thought they were refusing to dispense the “morning after pill” (which is wrong), I did not know they are refusing any contraceptive pill. What about selling condoms, do they refuse them too? In this video they state how pharmacists lie to customers and say they are “out of them”.  I just do not see how they could possibly get away with this, it is my right to purchase contraceptive. In the words of my reader “if your religion precludes you from doing your job, get another job”. Can a Mormon checker in a supermarket refuse to sell alcohol, can someone against pornography working in a video store only agree to rent you PG movies. We cannot allow these things to happen. I hope if this happens to anyone that they speak up and not allow these people to bully you.

In the brilliant words from Jerry Seinfeld –

“Why does that pharmacist have to be two and a half feet higher than everybody else? Who the hell is this guy? “Clear out everybody I’m workin with pills up here. I’m taking pills from this big bottle and then I’m gonna put them in a little bottle! That’s my whole job.I can’t be down on the floor with you people. Then I’m gonna type out, on a little piece of paper. And it’s really hard.”




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