Why on Tuesday

Dont worry Obama, Ill get there in time!

Don't worry Obama, I'll get there in time!


Do you know why we vote on Tuesdays…do you care why we vote on Tuesdays. Being “curious Georgina” I wanted to know. The answer is that back in 1845 people had to travel overnight to their polling station on horse and buggy so in order to avoid religious days of rest you could leave on Monday, vote Tuesday (horses could rest) and travel home Wednesday. I believe they are looking into changing it to the weekend so the turnout will be larger. Election day is a HUGE event, it should be on the weekend. Does anyone get married on Tuesdays…doubt it. And why doesn’t anyone get married on Tuesdays, because then your guest attendance would be low. I don’t know what the argument would be to keeping it on Tuesdays. I heard someone say “tradition”…sometimes that answer works and sometimes it’s just stupid.  Watch this CNN video…seems like many people didn’t know the answer to Why on Tuesday.


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  1. What an interesting little factoid! I like that. I’m going to spread that around today.

    With all the early voting happening on the weekends, it looks like we should be trending for more of a weekend election day. Hearing about the lines out the door and people having to miss work, it seems to make sense to move it to the first Saturday of November. However, people may start talking about religious interruption there because Jewish citizens have their holy day on Saturday and Christians on Sunday. These religious views may prevent extreme religious followers to be unable to vote that particular day. Absentee it, I suppose, but it may come down to a religious freedom issue.

    Either way, more people should just vote by mail. It’s easier and allows you to take your time.

  2. That was interesting, I had no idea I just thought it was like Thanksgiving always on the same day. I have another question that you may know the answer to.
    Why dosen’t the newly elected president take office on Jan 1st? Seems that must be some sort of tradition as well.

  3. Jefferson, I’m just taking a wild guess here, but I’m thinking that traditionally the president-elect would be too hung-over on January 1.

    Well, probably not, but who knows…

  4. I have been searching for answers but so far…nothing on why it’s on January 20th. This is all I found in Wikipedia – Inauguration Day was originally set for March 4, giving electors from each state nearly four months after Election Day to cast their ballots for president. In 1933, the day of inauguration was changed by the Twentieth Amendment from March 4 to noon on January 20, beginning with Franklin Roosevelt’s second term in 1937.
    I haven’t given up yet…maybe another reader will know the answer.

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