Don’t be a Pre-Madonna

I took the day off yesterday, I was mentally drained from the election (mainly disgusted over prop 8 results) and I had got home late from seeing Madonna on election night. This is the first time I have seen her perform and all I can say is we were literally in the last row (yes, we had tissue for our nose bleeds). Whatever happened to the good old days when you spent a $100 for a ticket and you were on the floor…now it’s the last row! The sound was awful (Petco Park, San Diego) and if it wasn’t for the screen, Madonna could have been a Vegas Impersonator. We discussed with other last row people the “pros” of our seats to make us all feel better…no one could spill their drink on us or vomit on us, we could stand up and dance and not annoy anyone and basically that was it. Eventually we did move a tad closer and then it was a little better. I must say, for a woman in her 50’s she could run circles around a lot of people half her age, great energy level! The best part was when she announced that Obama was our next president…the crowd roared! I guess being a Cher fan I was surprised at how simple Madonna’s outfits were but I guess when you move like her you can’t wear anything too elaborate. I have come to the conclusion though, if you are not in the first 25 rows of any concert, wait for the concert to come out on video and rent it! Here is a YouTube video from that night when she acknowledges Obama as our president and asks everyone to come forward and have no space…worth watching even though quality of video isn’t the best.


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  1. After seeing pictures from other people who attended the concert at Petco Park, it looked like that space is simply huge for a concert. It looked like even people who were on the field, but in the back would have a horrible view. I saw a concert at Qualcomm Stadium and it’s just too big. Most indoor arenas are the right size. Their nosebleeds arent great, but it’s not the worst thing.

    Madonna’s outfits have never been of a Cher level since I can remember her shows. This show and her last show, Confessions both had more simple costumes. I’m sure the reasoning behind it, because her dancers have more extensive costumes on and are able to dance. It’s probably something to do with her getting to hot or too cold. Who knows?

    This is a great concert and the DVD should hopefully be released before Christmas, and EVERYONE should watch it! You’re lucky to have seen it on Obama’s victory night, because you know she was PUMPED!

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