More examples…

The election is over, back to a topic I always like to bring to people’s attention…subliminal messages that should be changed.

This one was noticed by my manfriend’s 12 year old daughter…she had to use the restroom in a restaurant and was bothered by what was on the doors. The men’s room said “surfer” and the women’s room said “surfer girl”.  She asked me why it couldn’t say “surfer dude” and “surfer girl”…why is it that the women’s room needed the girl and the men’s was fine with just surfer (and yes, she surfs). You have to admit, she has a point. Maybe we should just stick to the Women’s Room and the Men’s Room.

Then later that day we went to a graveyard and I happened to notice a grave where a husband and wife were buried and they had a joint tombstone. On her side it said “Wife of John Smith”…on his side it did not say “Husband of Mary Smith”. It all goes back to addressing a woman as Mrs. John Smith. If a woman is going to be known as property to her mate then it should go both ways…let the man be known as property of his mate.

We can never, ever stop bringing up these wrong doings no matter how small we or anyone else think they are. I want this 12 year old girl to know she is a surfer…not a surfer girl. Equality…hmmm, what a concept (and that goes for everyone…hint hint, stupid Yes on Prop 8 people). Sorry, I just had to get that in!


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