74 days and counting!

 Big News…my favorite show LOST will be starting its 5th season on Wednesday, Jan 21st at 9:00 p.m. with its 2 hour premiere (can I set my DVR now)! I have said from the beginning…this show is one of the most creative out there, not like any other. True, I was a huge Gilligan’s Island fan so maybe I like the concept of being stranded on a desert island but in no way can you compare Gilligan to Sawyer.  My only complaint with LOST is that you can’t sneeze during the show or you are…lost.

Season 4 ended with the Oceanic 6 realizing they must go back to the island (since being rescued), Ben moving the island (yes, I said moving an island) and Locke being revealed as the man in the coffin. I just can’t wait! ABC has said it is expected to run for 17 episodes. Forget about Christmas…I’m looking forward to January 21st!


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