Patrick Swayzee as a Spirit

Patrick Swayzee as a Spirit

Today is November 11…for me that means 11/11. Are you aware of the 11:11 phenomenon, being a new age type person I am a believer of this. Back when I was a senior in high school (many, many moons ago), I had enough credits that I was able to leave everyday early, my last class ending at 11:11. For the next 20 some years I would see 11:11 on the clock constantly, literally driving me crazy because I didn’t know what it meant. A couple of years ago I mentioned it at work and someone had asked me if I had heard about the 11:11 phenomenon. I was so excited…I was like “you mean it really is something”!!! I started reading up on it and although there are many theories I go with the one that states your Spirit Guides are with you and they are telling you that you are on the right track. In my case I think there will eventually be more to it later on in my life. I consider my extremely intuitive so I think my spirit guides would nudge me more than the average. Read more about 11:11…

Speaking of spirits I am addicted to the show Lisa Williams, Life Among the Dead. She helps people connect with a deceased person. Honestly, if I could do anything with my life, I would do what she does. The peace that she brings to people is amazing, giving a lot of them closure. I had one really good reading that the woman was using spirit guides…all I did was ask “tell me about my health” and this woman pointed to her body the exact place I was having problems and told me exactly what the outcome would be…a month later I learned she was exactly correct. It frustrates me when people won’t believe…I have proof that it happened.

Spirit guides…it may be someone you know or it may be a stranger but they are with you.


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  1. OH I am so much agreement with you. I love that show, I was just flipping stations and found it and I have watched it several times since, it makes everything that I believe in make some sense, I have had friends say that you can’t believe her because she gets paid to be on tv, but somehow I don’t think that is her interest, she seems really interested in the people she helps. Hope this turns out to be a great day for you.

  2. Just because she gets paid does not mean she is not real…I can sense she’s got the gift. You can see it in the people’s faces after she tells them stories. I find it interesting she wears a hat inbetween readings…it’s like her rest period for her mind.

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