Every 4th Thursday of November

11 Responses

  1. Happiness was getting to the Park House early enough to grab a stool the Wednesday before Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Oh the Park House. What ever happened to Dwilma and Louise?

  3. Didn’t they drive over a cliff somewhere….I remember Louise, but I am clueless and forget who Dwilma is….I have a recollection only about your arms being too short to box with her.

  4. I don’t get it

  5. Dwilma?Louise? OMG – i thought Ginna beat the *&%^ out of them at the Fireside??? just kidding i recently saw an advertisment they were boxing instructors for people with short arms – there’s apparently a waiting list for the class??? go figure-

  6. No, Ginna did her boxing debut in front of Foodtown….not sure where the flying shoe incident occured, but didn’t Monty get beat up by a pocketbook at Park House?????

  7. no, monte got beat up by a side mirror on a 70’s plymouth

  8. Tracy beat Monti with her pocketbook IN THE PARK HOUSE PARKING LOT (on mischief night) BECAUSE SHE THREW FIRECRACKERS AT TRACY!!!!!!!!!!Who did Ginna beat up in front of Foodtown – where was I??? missed that one……..I really miss shopping at Foodtown when Kim worked there

  9. I never heard ANTHING at all about a mirror on a Plymouth…????Cheech will have to explain that mystery…what ever happened to the book that was supposed to be written about the days of “The Park House ” by the waitress that worked there?

  10. Oh my god, I’m only rembering Tracy BEATING the SHIT out of me with thwt stupid pocketbook while John Las laughed about it! Plymouth?????? Isn’t that a rock? Or what that what Tracy had me pinned up against

  11. I think the best was Johnnies at 6:00am. Tailgate – waiting for them to open and the famous T-Shirts!!!

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