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Obama getting elected has made the upcoming Christmas season especially lucrative for gun shop owners…isn’t that on everyone’s list this year. Little Johnny wants a red wagon, a remote control car and a semiautomatic (is that terminology correct…I know nothing about guns).  There is a widespread fear that Obama will restrict people’s rights to own guns so STOCK UP!! I can see stocking up on food when you hear a storm may be coming your way but this is a little ridiculous. A distributor in Arizona sold $1 million worth of assault weapons in one week… are they confused, do they know McCain lost and the world will be OK now! I know the NRA ran a multi-million dollar campaign against Obama, I guess they are getting some money back now.

I am anti guns…I just don’t believe in them. And don’t waste your time commenting how “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”…well then what the hell is the gun for? I’ve heard that cars don’t kill people it’s the drunk drivers”. Yes, in that case you are right because the car was invented for transportation. And yes, it is your right under the second amendment of the Constitution to possess and carry weapons and we cannot change that…hmmmm…or can we? Wait…we can change it, does Prop 8 ring a bell?

I had to laugh because I read this gun article in the paper yesterday “Gun-store business booming” and the article directly underneath was “Funeral homes to see big rise in business”…I kid you not.


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  1. My guess and my hope is that Obama will be focusing on a few bigger issues before going after gun buyers. However, it’s time our gun policy was more in line with Europeans. It’s out of hand.

    I do say, I love that we can strip citizens of their civil rights with a simple majority of voters, but the removing the right to bare arms would take a Constitutional Congress and a passage of all states.

    Don’t worry gun people, your right to own a gun is more secure than the rights of minorities to live equally under the law. You just might have to take out an extra permit or two.

  2. I have heard there is a push on gun sales but I have not heard what kind of guns and who is buying them. If obama is planning on banning automatic weapons then that is GREAT, nobody needs to own one of these as there is no pratical use.
    I enjoy hunting and target shooting with my kids but its not about the guns its more the enjoyment of the out doors.
    I guess I just don’t understand what the big push is about and who is raising these issues about Obama’s idea’s on gun control.

  3. Semiautomatic is just a gun that will load a bullet after each shot, automatically, but its only semiautomatic because you need to pull the trigger for each bullet fired, so it looks like you used th e term correctly.

    And jefferson is right, there is absolutely no LEGAL need for a private citizen to own an automatic (which is a gun that can fire multiple rounds with one trigger squeeze) weapon and they should be illegal, and they don’t fall under 2nd amendment rights. But I also think high caliber pistols need regulation because they really are only good for killing people too :/

  4. I can see liking nature, but why not enjoy nature with a bow and arrow? Do it like the Native Americans did.

  5. I would hunt with a bow in a heart beat if I had the time it takes to do it.
    My brother is a avid bow hunter and it takes him weeks of scouting and studying the habits of his prey to get a possible chance at bagging one. If I am lucky I get one week every two years of which half of which is traveling. Yes I agree bow hunting is far more exciting and you get so much closer to nature but it is so time consuming.
    Give me a month off and I would be so there.

  6. I agree with Justin on the hand gun issue as well, I must admit I own one and not sure why. I guess I just went along with the croud when Oceanside Police dept sold off their old outdated guns and some friends of mine convenced me it was a great deal.
    Many years ago I owned one and realized that I had no use for it. I ran an add in the paper to sell it and a buyer was at my door the first day. He wanted to pay me $600 in a combination of $1 and $5 dollar bills that were wadded up in his pocket. I knew that he was not the type of person I would want to have a hand gun so I told him that I decided not to sell it. I gave it away to old friend who I knew would keep it under lock and key.
    Today of course one can not sell a gun to whom ever and all sales must go through a gun dealer who has to file the transaction with the govererment. The new buyer must pass a back ground check and go through the waiting period. This is also a good thing so that guns do not end up in the wrong hands.
    With that being said how is it that the bad guys get guns now?

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