How many would you like?

I am currently unemployed but I had flashbacks when I read this article about fundraisers. Yes, parents once again are doing the work for their kids selling wrapping paper at the office. If it’s not wrapping paper then its cookies, magazines, candles or even peanut brittle. And then it gets political; if you buy from this person and not that person then you may be cut out of that next big important meeting. You missed out on that promotion all because of a box of cookies. Sometimes people cannot really afford these things but feel pressured to do so. Parents…this is your kid’s responsibility, not yours. Whatever happened to the days where the kids went door to door and sold their own goods? Wait, I can hear the excuses now “it’s too dangerous, we don’t know who are neighbors are, etc. “. Well then the answer is you can go with them for support and to insure safety, do not put your co-workers in an awkward position.  John Wilkens states in his article “Ultimately making the kids do the heavy lifting is a wonderful way to teach them responsibility to something other than themselves, to understand that there are needs beyond what they can see and know”.

Kids need to learn responsibility, what parent would not want to teach them that? Parents are doing way too much for their kids and I don’t understand why. Maybe if parents had a crystal ball and they could see their kids in the future not knowing how to handle life they would rethink their parenting strategy. Tough love in the early years will mean the world of difference in their future…and selling their own cookies is part of that.

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