Thanksgiving Scrooge

A week from today is probably my most dreaded holiday…Thanksgiving. I can’t blame it on a past childhood memory, I actually have a great memory of waking up when I was little to the smell of my mom making stuffing…I loved the aroma of sautéing onions and celery. I think the dread came in when I was old enough to be responsible for the day. I do not like cooking and a whole day revolved around food is ridiculous in my opinion. Really, think about it, you start with going to the grocery store and getting all your ingredients with all the other millions of people. Then you have to get up early that day and start preparing all this food, setting your table and cleaning the house for all your guests. Some of you watch football and others may watch the parade. Then dinner time comes and you stuff your face until you fill up that extra room given to you when you unbutton your pants. I would say dinner lasts around 15 to 20 minutes. Wait, it’s not over yet…dishes have to be cleared, washed and put away so in about a half hour (after a good burp) you can force a slice or two of pumpkin pie in your mouth. Then the turkey plague flows through the house and everyone passes out (and smearing gravy on your front door doesn’t make it pass).  All in all the prep is about 10 hours for 20 minutes of time at the table. And I haven’t even brought in the family factor…what percentage of the country has some kind of argument that day. Well maybe not that day but a few days before because Johnny wants to go to Moms house but his wife wants to go to her father’s house but Aunt Becky wants to see the kids at her house.  In my world this day equals PRODUCTION!

Give me a turkey sandwich, a walk on the beach and I would be a happy camper…instead I will be in the desert (don’t ask, just wish me good luck).

p.s Don’t forget to vote on my Nov. 16th post on your favorite part of Thanksgiving.


3 Responses

  1. On the bright side, Thanksgiving has provided us with some GREAT Roseanne episodes!

    Leave it to Americans (and Canadians have one too) to have a day about over indulging in food. I am, however, a fan of a secular holiday.

    Lets not forget the great American myths that are tied into Thanksgiving. The kindness shared between colonial America and Native Americans. The secrets of the land discussed. The exchange of ideas and thoughts. The slaughter by gun and disease of thousands of Native Americans at the hands of Colonial America. What a great holiday?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Well, you can’t (or really wouldn’t want) to walk on the beach in NJ on Nov. 27th. It is a lot of work, but I always thought that the “reward to work” ratio for Thanksgiving is probably about the best when compared to the other holidays.

    Entertaining is never easy, whether or not a Holiday is involved. As a host it’s up to you how far you want to take it. As a guest, it’s your responsibility to help out and reciprocate.

  3. I love everything about Thanksgiving from the time I open my eyes in the morning until I shut them at night. I get up early, drink my coffee and watch the parade. Then go to my familys’ house and sit in their elegant dining room around the exquisite table and eat the most delicious meal that I will have all year. I don’t have to cook or bake so that is always a plus. I do show up with 2 very easy vegetable casserole dishes that a 6 year old could make. I’ll eat two helpings of dessert on this day only. The family is together…My kids don’t have to be dropped off/picked up anywhere…no one is complaining because all of their friends are doing the same thing. It has turned into a very relaxing content day for everyone.

    Thanksgiving also is the beginning of Christmas which I love. I don’t shop on Black Friday …I decorate my house and stay in my pajamas all day. I LOVE THANKSGIVING…IT IS NEW YEARS EVE I CAN LIVE WITHOUT.

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