The jury is now being chosen for the trial of Lori Drew, the mother accused of taking part in the MySpace hoax that allegedly led to a 13 year old girl’s suicide, Megan Meier. This whole story breaks my heart, how can people be so cruel. Her suicide was attributed to cyber bullying. The account through which the bullying took place purportedly belonged to a 16-year-old male named “Josh Evans,” but was actually created and monitored by the mother of a friend of Megan, whom a police report identified as Lori Janine Drew…to read more.

 I think the most important lesson here is that parents have to set a good example, not join in on a prank, how immature. I think if our kids were in a fist fight we would think that was much worse than a word fight but words can be just has harmful, maybe even worse. My sister has a favorite quote “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. I do believe that but I think with teenagers it’s a whole different story…especially teen girls. I still have some of my memory left and those teen years are brutal.

I was recently told I am a passionate person and when it comes to raising kids, yes I am very passionate about that topic. I think many parents these days are too busy and are putting “parenting” on the bottom of their list.  Unruly kids grow up to be pain in the ass adults. Parents have to take the time to teach and show by example. Teaching kindness should be high on your priority list.

In the words of Cher “words are like weapons, they wound sometimes”.


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  1. This story sickened me from the start. What kind of parent/mother/person could do this to anyone at all, never mind a teenager? What in God’s name was she thinking. I don’t think this was ever intended to be a prank…prank would denote being “playfull” This was the most cruel and mean spirited, hoax that you could have a young girl endure. I would like to take the high road and say this woman needs help and years of therapy for what she must have tolerated in her own life to think up such a scheme, but unfortunately I feel if this happened to my family, I would want her to rot in hell.

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