Bogo…Buy One get on Free

The Supreme Court of Canada has just ruled that people who are “functionally disabled by obesity” have the right to occupy two airline seats on a flight for the price of one. The ruling late last week said that airlines in Canada can no longer charge an obese passenger extra for an additional seat. Air Canada will lose an estimated 5.6 million dollars annually on the ruling.

My question is this, what does “functionally disabled” mean. The only way I agree with this ruling is if you are obese by some kind of disease, not because you just like to eat.  I have a lot of compassion but if you are overweight because you can’t stop eating and you have no will power then you have to pay the price…pay for two seats. What if you have super long legs, should you be automatically put in first class.  What about the smokers who can’t quit smoking, should we start up a smoking section again. I would have to guess there are a lot of different scenarios we can put in place. And another question I have is how much overweight do you have to be to qualify for this free seat? Is there a scale next to the luggage scale, who is the judge of if this person gets a free seat?

U.S airlines do not have to follow this law but it may be right around the corner. Is this going to affect the price of my ticket; you damn well better believe it will.


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