The day after

Without going into detail this was my worst Thanksgiving by far, it totally stunk. I’m hoping my Black Friday shopping will make up for the day I had yesterday. Please, someone out there must have a bad Thanksgiving Day story for me…I beg of you to share it with me! You know what they say, misery loves company. OK…if you want to share a good story from your Thanksgiving I guess I can live vicariously through you. From the poll I took a couple weeks ago the number one choice for your favorite part of Thanksgiving Day , coming in at 41%, was being with family. The good news was that no one picked football. Did any men vote?


5 Responses

  1. next year I’m taking my family camping, snowboarding, Hawaii, Cabo…or staying home and going out to dinner….TO MUCH DRAMA AND PRODUCTION for my 5 days off work and to much physical stuff…maybe I will feel better after I sneak out the door for a ride in THE valley

  2. For a four day holiday, I hear more comments similar to Hills Local than the opposite. I stayed in and watched TV, DVDs and read all day. I had a fantastic day. Working long days and extra hard in hopes of ensuring that much more job security in this volatile economy, a quiet Thanksgiving holiday for some R&R was a welcomed relief.

    And on that note, I kept away from stores too. Gotta fight the consumerist nature of the season.

  3. Sad thing is, if you dont spend money than it just hurts the economy even more. Vicious cycle.

  4. Okay.. Ill do my part for the economy the day AFTER Christmas… the sales are much better at that time!

  5. I will shop all the time, I am a shopaholic so I am doing my part for the economy (even though when I do shop I don’t spend a alot).

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