My ipod, my therapy

I loved this article in the paper yesterday titled “His health-care reform plan: music therapy”.  This 30 year old man is a nurse at a trauma unit by day and a musician by night. He describes his first year of nursing very difficult and how very emotional it was. When he would get home all he wanted to do was play music for his release of a day’s work. He states that music has been a source of happiness and delight since his childhood.

I know music is very important to me also, on a bad day I have certain songs that all I have to do is press play and I actually feel a couple inches taller. I would have to guess that more than ½ the people out there who exercise listen to their ipod, it gets you pumped and motivated. Once I got ready for my walk and my ipod was not charged so I didn’t go, that’s how addicted I am. One of my favorite quotes – Music is what feelings sound like.

If I was starting out today fresh out of school I think my occupational choice would be music therapy, I never heard of this back in good ole Boonton High School but it did exist-

The idea of music as a healing influence which could affect health and behavior is as least as old as the writings of Aristotle and Plato. The 20th century discipline began after World War I and World War II when community musicians of all types, both amateur and professional, went to Veterans hospitals around the country to play for the thousands of veterans suffering both physical and emotional trauma from the wars. The patients’ notable physical and emotional responses to music led the doctors and nurses to request the hiring of musicians by the hospitals. It was soon evident that the hospital musicians needed some prior training before entering the facility and so the demand grew for a college curriculum. The first music therapy degree program in the world, founded at Michigan State University in 1944, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1994. The American Music Therapy Association was founded in 1998 as a union of the National Association for Music Therapy and the American Association for Music therapy.

What song gets you going?


2 Responses

  1. Well, Im listening to my ipod as I read this post and Madonna’s “4 Minutes” is playing. This song gets me going, as do most songs by:

    Madonna, Cher, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna & Britney Spears

  2. “Music is what feelings sound like ”

    I like that.
    I wake up with music in my head.Usually a song I know…not always.Either way I have to hear it somehow or it stays there all day.

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