Your Perfect Christmas Tree


6 Responses

  1. No tinsel or garland please.

  2. If not tinsel or garland how about angel hair?

  3. I have garland that’s like little beads. very pretty not like tinsel on a string. I like real, but have artificial. more pracitcal for me and it came with white lights but some day i’m going to add color.

  4. unfortunately they don’t sell tinsel anymore….where have you guys been???? remember they banned it years ago
    because of some stupid reasons. hmm we all lived with tinsel and survived lol….

  5. They sell tinsel at Target!! You can also buy it in gold and I believe I have seen red.

  6. Where have I been???……well out here in the boonies they still sell plenty of tinsel – Walmart/Walgreens/CVS and even supermarkets…
    Now… Angel Hair is a different story I heard they took it off the market due to the fact it caused severe foot rash when it got inside your slippers.

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