Fight the H8 with Love

Today, December 10th, 2008 is International Human Rights Day and also a movement called Day without a Gay.  This encourages gays, lesbians and their supporters to take off work (call in gay) and instead volunteer your time somewhere. Their motto is “Fight the H8 with love”.

Originally Day without a Gay was planned as an economic boycott “to remind people that even though we get up every morning and do our jobs, pay our taxes, defend the country in the military, we are still being treated like second class citizens” said David Craig, co-organizer. Then a couple in LA suggested adding community service to the mix especially because the way the economy is today. Do people know if gays were allowed to get married the economy would be better (watch Neil Patrick Harris below).

This whole thing still amazes me…how many times must we remind people, OUR NATION WAS BUILT ON SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE”. If you have not yet seen “Prop 8, The Musical” (I had posted it on my Et Cetera tab) please take a peek…and listen to Jack Black, I mean Jesus.

I have an interesting family…I have a gay son fighting for his right to be able to get married when he is ready and I have a straight son who has also protested for the rights of his brother and all the other gay people, they are both so cool! Then I have a mother who hasn’t spoke to me in 4 years because I choose not to get married and just live with someone. Why can’t everyone just decide what is right for them. Why does society feel like they know what is best for us or what is politically correct.

So in this Christmas season, I see all you Yes on 8 people as Scrooge, Bah Humbug. Do I need to send you all 3 angels, the past, present and future to show you what the world would be like if there were no gay people. Then maybe your heart would change like Ebenezer’s did.

One Response

  1. Thank you for spreading the idea and thought of today’s national movement in support of equality.

    I think having the three angels come to H8rs and also show them how marriage was once a contractual exchange of land where the women was simply exchanged between men, to the banning of interracial marriage through the 1940s to today where people get divorced 4 times like Ivana Trump.

    Moreover, I love your idea of the 3 angels showing the world, past, present and future of a society without gay and lesbians. The issue with equal marriage is that opponents to same sex marriage seem to work to strip the humanity out of GLBT community. This would show how the community is a healthy contributor to society. Hopefully today will get one or two people to step back and think about it.

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