Everyone has One

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  1. The Night They Saved Christmas. It is a close tie between this and Ebbie with Susan Lucci.

  2. Although I agree they are both very good I would not put them in the “classic” catagory.

  3. March of the Wooden Soldiers

  4. As my nickname is Curious Georgina I did a little research on March of the Wooden Soldiers aka Babes in Toyland. It is also a favorite of mine but was not sure it was a “Christmas Classic”…according to Wikipedia they state the following –
    “A holiday staple, many television stations in the US showed this film near Thanksgiving time each year during the ’60s and ’70s. In more recent years, it has been shown in some markets on Christmas Day.”
    So I guess you could call it a Christmas Classic!!

  5. What really makes it a classic? I’ll give you that Ebbie is no classic, but I think The Night They Saved Christmas is well on its way. Remember too that a classic for you and a classic for me could change based purely on age.

    What’s the difference between A Christmas Story and The Night They Saved Christmas? How many people watch it? It’s cultural significance.

    Seinfeld had the Soup Nazi and apparently here, we have the Christmas Classic Nazi.

  6. LOL xpressyrsf…I love my new title! If you look up “classic” it means historically memorable. I would have to guess if you asked 10 people on the street maybe ONE would know The Night they Saved Christmas…and you can ask various age groups. If you asked about A Christmas Story don’t you think the number would be quite larger. When making this poll I googled “Christmas Classics”…yours did not come up. I do have your classic scheduled to tape this Friday and it’s only on channel ION…I don’t even know what that is?? If it was truly a classic, would it not be on a major network?

  7. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a Chistmas classic is in the heart of the viewer.

  8. Christmas Classic Nazi…..I LIKE THAT. What about “Nester the long eared donkey” I know someone who called in sick from work just so they could stay at home to watch it. NOW THAT IS A CLASSIC!!

  9. It is only a classic if she, the all knowing Christmas Classic Nazi, deems it so. You must wait for an answer!

    A classic, according to the sixth reich of Christmasland, deems not time nor personal affinity as defining factors of a Christmas classic. It is simply her crystal ball that reveals the answers.

    Shall you disagree with her, she will utilize the horrid, the ugly, the scary and untalented TORI SPELLING WEAPON against you. Beware. You have been warned.

  10. Nestor is not a Classic…the Christmas Classic Nazi has spoken!

    Christmas Classic and Tori Spelling should never be put in the same sentence!

    So let it be written…so let it be done!

  11. All hail the Christmas Classic Nazi. She has spoken her wise word.

  12. Not to hash up an old wound, but in reading some back posts, Id like to bring this to your attention, “My favorite part of the month are all those stupid holiday shows on T.V…the cornier they are the more I like them! My all time favorite is The Night they Saved Christmas, I already have it DVR’d”


    You say “The Night They Saved Christmas” is your favorite. If it’s your favorite and my favorite, I think this further qualifies the movie into a position to be an Christmas Classic!

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